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Please dial straight to our desks or use the Automated Phone Attendant.

After dialing our number, press a single digit category or 3 digit direct extension:

1	Sales or Customer Support
3	Sell your used equipment
4	Shipping
5	Accounting
9	Directory by first name (Enter first 3 letters and press 1 if correct * if not.)
0	Operator

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday: 7am - 5pm


Arrigo Pueyo  626-385-3522    or toll free # plus ext: 222

Jose Salaverria  626-385-3564    or toll free # plus ext: 264


Customer Service

Gracie Nunez  626-385-3543    or toll free # plus ext: 243



Shipping Dept.  626-385-3558    or toll free # plus ext: 258

Procedures for shipping used equipment to PTB Sales.

When shipping any used items to PTB Sales, email Shipping, Customer Service or Purchasing.

  • Drain fluids (email us for reclaim of used oils.)
  • Seal openings.
  • We have facilities to properly dispose of installed filter elements.
  • Attach our pump declaration or valve declaration form to the equipment to declare what contaminates the equipment has been exposed to.
  • If there are reportable quantities of any hazardous material, email our office prior to shipping. Pertinent labeling and shipping information can be found at the US DOT Hazmat Safety site.


Excess Inventory Acquisition (Sell us your equipment!)

Dean Scarborough  626-385-3524    or toll free # plus ext: 224



Pat Blackwell  626-385-3525    or toll free # plus ext: 225



John Norton  626-385-3559    or toll free # plus ext: 259



John Varone  626-385-3566    or toll free # plus ext: 266



Lina Selbak  626-385-3557    or toll free # plus ext: 257



Gavin Riley  626-385-3526    or toll free # plus ext: 226

Fill out a credit application, send us your resale cert., or contact WB Financial, our financing partner.

Make a payment through PayPal at PTB Sales' commercial account:


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PTB Sales, Inc.
1361 Mountain View Circle
Azusa, CA 91702

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