CTI Compressor Maintenance

Date: October 21, 2014

Properly maintained cryopumps and compressors are critical to the optimal performance of a cryogenic vacuum system, which reduces unscheduled downtime. While the cryopumps themselves receive a great deal of attention, most customers are not aware of the requirements for compressor maintenance or the consequences for not properly maintaining their compressors.

The installed base of cryogenic vacuum equipment is driven by the optimized operation of the compressors. If the compressors are not properly maintained the performance of the cryopumps can be effected and additionally contamination can be introduced into the helium circuit, resulting in catastrophic failure of the cryopumps. One of the key items is replacing the adsorbers in the compressors per the OEM's recommended interval. PTB Sales provides these adsorbers at a very reasonable price!