CHA SEC-1000-RAP Thermal CIGS Co-Evaporation System

Date: December 18, 2015

CHA Industries SEC-1000-RAP Thermal CIGS Co-Evaporation System, serial # 1576-3971, 208V, 3ph, 60Hz, 100A, with:

  • Pfeiffer TPH-1501-U-P-N turbomolecular pump with OPS-900 PSU and TC-750 controller
  • INFICON 782-900-035 Guardian opt filter (x3)
  • CHA Auto-Tech II controller, shutter controller, planetary rotation controller, LN2 controller, heater power supply, cryo rough pressure controller, resistance power supply (x2)
  • Granville-Phillips 307 dual ion gauge, dual convection gauge vacuum gauge controller
  • Kurt J. Lesker KJLC-615 vacuum gauge
  • Kurt J. Lesker M.A.P.S. power supplies (x4)
  • INFICON EIES-IV Guardian controller
  • Omega TC-08 temperature transmitter
  • J-Kem 210 temp controller
  • Omega benchtop controller
  • Pfeiffer DCU-002 controller