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  • Sep 26 2019
    PTB Sales Inc, is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), verified by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE), listed in the Veteran Business Database at: and eligible to participate in the Veterans First Contracting Program. Core Competencies PTB Sales, Inc. provides new and used equipment sales, exchanges and refurbishment services (which meet or exceed OEM quality standards) to Federal, Sta... details
  • Sep 17 2019
    PTB Sales will repair the 9600 series of cryogenic vacuum system helium compressors for one fixed price...regardless of age! One Price Repair Service: $2,750 *This offer applies to End-User customers only. Contact Sales for details. Seized Module... Will Repair Faulty Electronics... Will Repair Internal Helium Leak... Will Repair This product has been refurbished by PTB Sales, Inc. PTB Sales is not affiliated with Brooks Automation, Inc., the Original Equipment Manufacturer. In so... details
  • Sep 12 2019
    PTB Sales offers sales and repair service for rotary lobe and Roots style vacuum blowers and boosters. Dry and vane pump blower packages are also available. Request for Quote. Leybold Edwards Stokes Tuthill Kinney Pfeiffer Adixen AERZEN ... details
  • Sep 5 2019
    PTB Sales provides refurbishment of CTI On-Board IS cryopumps. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, PTB Sales has developed robust vacuum pump rebuild service procedures for cryopumps to ensure that our refurbishment meets or exceeds OEM specifications. PTB Sales has a large inventory of CTI On-Board IS 250F cryopumps. These are offered at a one time specially discounted price. Cryopumps are fully remanufactured with a fast turnaround. We can accommodate all specific part n... details
  • Aug 15 2019
    PTB Sales has been supporting Universities for ~ 20 years. We are recognized as a Preferred Vendor by many of them. PTB offers Refurbished Equipment Sales and Repair Services: Cryopumps and Compressors, Turbo Pumps and Controllers, Rotary Vane Pumps, Dry Pumps Blower Packages, Dry Scroll Pumps, Piston Pumps, Diffusion Pumps, RF and DC power supplies, and Valves. We offer a University Friendly 10% discount on all sales and periodically also run even more aggressive specials throughout the year.... details
  • Aug 8 2019
    PTB Sales has a wide assortment of vacuum equipment on it's Green Tag List - Turbos, Cryos, Dry Pumps, Dry Scrolls, Rotary Vane, Blowers and Packages. These are rebuilt units which are priced aggressively: Green Tag List ... details
  • Jul 26 2019
    PTB received in a large shipment of Agilent scroll pumps. We are passing the savings on to our customers. Agilent Varian TriScroll 300 Agilent Varian TriScroll 600 PTB Sales covers the major manufacturers for sales and repair service: ANEST IWATA ISP DVSL Edwards XDS nXDS Leybold SCROLLVAC Agilent Varian TriScroll Request for Quote ... details
  • Jul 16 2019
    Working closely with our customers and suppliers, PTB Sales has developed robust rebuild service procedures for turbo pumps to ensure that our refurbishment meets specifications. PTB Sales offers new and refurbished turbo vacuum pumps and controllers for sale and also offers repair services for these items. Pumps are thoroughly washed to be free of contaminates. Turbo pumps are assembled and tested utilizing electronically controlled work instructions and test procedures. Each turbo... details
  • May 17 2019
    We provide vacuum pumps that are rebuilt and Ready to Ship for the popular aerospace and semiconductor industry tools. These pumps have been built as they are most commonly ordered. Contact us if you need a different configuration. ... details
  • Apr 25 2019
    PTB Sales offers Advanced Exchanges of CTI On-Board cryopumps and compressors, from a large selection of configurations. We can structure exchange programs where the replacement components are either staged on site with our customers, taking advantage of our logistics expertise or located at our facility and allocated specifically for you. This product has been refurbished by PTB Sales, Inc. PTB Sales is not affiliated with Brooks Automation, Inc., the Original Equipment Manufacturer. In... details
  • Mar 14 2019
    Need Repair Service? Tool Down? Call 866-332-0500 or click here to Request for Quote PTB is widely recognized for ease of doing business, customer service, responsiveness and flexibility. One example of that theme is the ease a customer can RFQ right from our website. The RFQ page is organized by product type and each by-product RFQ template ensures you enter the relevant information so that PTB can respond rapidly. PTB Sales has been offering vacuum pump repair service ... details
  • Jan 2 2019
    We sell and refurbish vacuum diffusion pumps. Specializing in Agilent Varian VHS, HS and M series pumps, we also service the related valves and rough pumps. Our prices are for fully rebuilt pumps with a one year warranty. ... details
  • Dec 17 2018
    PTB received in a large shipment of Varian PTS 600 scroll pumps and are passing the savings on to our customers while supplies last. We are selling this 3-phase version at $4,400 rebuilt and backed by a one year warranty. We will put a new 110V single-phase motor on instead for $5,100. Send in your ANEST IWATA, Leybold, Edwards or Agilent Varian scroll pumps for repair service. ... details
  • Nov 12 2018
    We are reaching out to let you know that PTB Sales continues to get shipments of pumps and are passing the savings on to you. PTB Sales offers new and refurbished equipment sales and repair services for oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps. We support a wide spectrum of vacuum pump manufacturers and models, more than most independent service companies in North America. PTB s remanufacturing process uses high quality OEM parts and kits as well as robust testing and criteria. Each pump must pass... details
  • Sep 20 2018
    PTB Sales offers 1 year warranty repair service on the rough and high vacuum pumps and 90 day warranty service on the electronics for Agilent Varian, Pfeiffer Adixen, Leybold, INFICON and VIC Veeco portable mass spectrometer helium leak detectors. Request for Quote ... details
  • Sep 12 2018
    PTB Sales will buy your excess vacuum equipment! Surplus Inventory Acquisition PTB will buy by the lot or individual component. Surplus vacuum pumps and other equipment used in semiconductor, optical, aerospace and other industries using thin film coatings are of interest. We can issue a PO or give credit for your department. ... details
  • Jun 29 2018
    We received in numerous Agilent (Varian) Turbo-V 81 and TV 70D ISO-63 turbomolecular vacuum pumps and are offering them refurbished, alone or with controllers and cables. View our turbo pump offerings. ... details
  • May 30 2018
    We are reaching out to let you know that PTB Sales has received in another large shipment of vacuum pumps and are passing the savings on to you. Leybold TRIVAC D16B, 208V: $1,600. ... details
  • Mar 5 2018
    PTB Sales has a long history of providing Customized Vacuum Subsystem Solutions for our customers. We have a dedicated engineering team that works with each customer to understand specifications and requirements, create a design and build a vacuum subsystem to meet the situation. Our capability to provide the engineering solution you need coupled with our ability to provide high quality new or refurbished vacuum pumps allows us to deliver a total vacuum solution to you! There are many combina... details
  • Feb 23 2018
    NEW and REBUILT turbo and backing vacuum pumps available. Call or request for quote today! Leybold TURBOLAB Pumping Stations TURBOLAB 80 TURBOLAB 350 TURBOLAB 450 PT 50 Edwards nEXT Pumping Stations Turbo Pumps EXT75DX nEXT 240D nEXT 300D nEXT 400D Backing Pumps - Dry Scroll Rotary Vane nXDS6i nXDS10i nXDS15i nXDS20i E2M1.5 RV5 RV12 ... details
  • Jan 18 2018
    PTB Sales offers rebuilt blower and dry pump packages warranted for one year in different combinations as wet or dry systems depending on need. Typical Edwards combinations include: QMB250 iQDP40 QMB500 iQDP80 QMB1200 iQDP80 EH1200 GV250 EH2600 GV400/600 EH4200 GV400/600 Contact Sales for the blower and dry pump combination that you need for your process. ... details
  • Nov 23 2017
    PTB Sales is recognized as the leading supplier of cryogenic vacuum pump and system service. We continue our leadership in this field with our cryopump and compressor electronics module repair services. Each electronics module undergoes a thorough inspection of board level components, with a robust replacement schedule. All modules are tested to OEM specifications. This product has been refurbished by PTB Sales, Inc. PTB Sales is not affiliated with Brooks Automation, Inc., the Original Equip... details
  • Oct 13 2017
    PTB Sales is dedicated to providing technical information to assist our customers in maintaining their installed base equipment to ensure the desired process results. Preventative Maintenance is key to not only keeping application performance as designed but also to prolonging the life of the equipment. A Preventative Maintenance schedule, strictly adhered to, will reduce unscheduled system down time. ... details
  • Sep 8 2017
    PTB Sales assists major customers and partners with our GreenChipSM Surplus Equipment Support Program. This program has allowed our customers and partners to focus on their core competencies while PTB manages the disposition of excess, obsolete and surplus equipment on a periodic basis. Saving you time and generating higher financial returns for your assets! ... details