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Inland Fomblin Y LVAC Vacuum Pump Oil

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Inland Fomblin Y LVAC Vacuum Pump Oil
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Fomblin Y LVAC Inert Vacuum Pump Fluids

Fomblin Y LVAC is an inert perfluorinated fluid mixture with a hexafluoropropylene base. Because the chemical chain contains only carbon, fluorine, and oxygen, it exhibits excellent physical properties, including excellent lubricity and minimal backstreaming.

Fomblin Y LVAC RP Inert Vacuum Pump Fluids
Fomblin Y LVAC RP incorporates a new patented Fomblin antirust additive which enables the fluid to withstand even the harshest chemical environments. The additive, based on the Fomblin perfluoro-polyether structure, does not affect the chemical resistance and high vacuum performance of the Y LVAC RP fluids.

Fomblin SV Inert Vacuum Pump Fluids
Fomblin SV is an advanced inert perfluorinated fluid with a backstreaming rate of virtually zero, allowing for an ultra clean vacuum. This fluid offers excellent performance in dry etcher and CVD applications without the need to invest in dry pump technology.

  • Non-flammable
  • Safe for oxygen service
  • Good radiation stability
  • Chemical inertness
  • Resists attack by corrosive gases
  • Low vapor pressure
  • Extended service life
  • High dielectric strength


  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical pumping (lewis acids)
  • Reactive ion etch
  • Plasma etching

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# Vapor Pressure @ 20°C Boiling Range @ 760 Torr Viscosity @ 20°C Pour Point Flash Point Fire Point Density @ 20°C
  Torr °C cSt °C °C °C g/mL
Y 06/6 3 x 10-6 > 250 64 -50 none none 1.88
Y 14/6 2 x 10-7 > 250 148 -45 none none 1.89
Y 16/6 2 x 10-6 > 250 168 -45 none none 1.89
Y 25/6 4 x 10-8 > 250 276 -35 none none 1.90

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Inland Fomblin Y LVAC Vacuum Pump Oil