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Leybold MAG.DRIVE digital Cable

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Manufacturer Part Number: 400036V0004
Leybold MAG.DRIVE digital Cable
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Leybold MAG.DRIVE digital Cable

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Leybold MAG.DRIVE digital Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Cable

400036V0001  drive/bearing  1.5 m
400036V0007  drive/bearing  1.5 m
400036V0006  drive/bearing  3 m
400036V0008  drive/bearing  3 m
400036V0009  drive/bearing  3 m
400036V0004  drive/bearing  5 m
400036V0010  drive/bearing  5 m
400036V0005  drive/bearing  8 m
400036V0002  drive/bearing  10 m
400036V0003  drive/bearing  20 m
400036V0012  drive/bearing  23 m
400036V0011  drive/bearing  30 m
400037V0001  TMS  1.5 m
400037V0007  TMS  1.5 m
400037V0008  TMS  3 m
400037V0004  TMS  5 m
400037V0005  TMS  8 m
400037V0002  TMS  10 m
400037V0003  TMS  20 m
400038V0006  purge/vent  3 m
400038V0002  purge/vent  10 m

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