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Leybold PHOENIX Quadro - NEW

Manufacturer Part Number: 251000V02
Price: $26,643.10
Leybold PHOENIX Quadro - NEW
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Leybold PHOENIX Quadro - NEW

Leybold PHOENIX Quadro Helium Leak Detector - NEW

Helium leak detector with 180° sector field mass spectrometer. Without integrated backing pump and with two connections for external backing pumps for highest flexibility.


Very compact and portable leak detector with a space saving housing concept. Smallest detectable leak rate of 5 x 10-12 mbarl*l/s, highest measurement accuracy and reliability, very fast run up time and intuitive handling. Offers high flexibiliy with regards to the pumping speed because the type and size of the fore vacuum pump can be freely chosen.


The all-rounder with variable pumping speed and a small and space saving housing, perfectly suited for systems integration and also for Research & Development, UHV applications, industrial applications or the semiconductor industry.

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Specifications Quadro Quadro Dry Magno Magno Dry Vario
Smallest detectable helium leak rate
    Vacuum operation  mbar l/s-1 ≤ 5 x 10-12
    Sniffer mode  mbar l/s-1 < 1 x 10-9
Smallest detectable hydrogen leak rate
    Vacuum operation  mbar l/s-1 ≤ 1 x 10-8
    Sniffer mode  mbar l/s-1 < 1 x 10-7
Units of measurement (selectable)
    Pressure mbar, Pa, atm, Torr 
    Leak rate mbar · l/s-1, Pa · m3 · s-1, Torr · l/s-1, atm · cc · sec-1, sft3/yr
    Sniffer mode ppm, g/a eq, oz/yr eq
Leak rate display area 1 x 10-12 to 1 x 10-1
Max. inlet pressure 15 mbar
Max. inlet pressure w/ partial flow pump set 1,000 mbar
Pumping speed during evacuation process
    50 Hz  m3h-1     2.5 3 15 5 Depends on chosen backing pump
    60 Hz  m3h-1     3 17 6
Helium pumping speed in vacuum mode
    GROSS Modus 0.4 0.04 < 8 < 3.5 -
    FINE Modus 1.2 1.2 < 7 < 2 -
    ULTRA Modus > 3.1
Time constant of the leak signal (blank flanged, 63% of the final value) < 1 sec
Run-up time (after switching on) ≤ 110 sec
Mass spectrometer 180° magnetic sector field
Ion source 2 yttrium/iridium long-term cathodes
Detectable masses 2, 3 and 4
Inlet flange 25 ISO-KF
Dimensions 495 x 475 x 319 mm 521 x 653 x 366 mm 486 x 380 x 345 mm
Weight 40 kg 35 kg 67 kg 56 kg 30 kg
Available languages English, German, Chinese, Japanese (Katakana), Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish

Digital Manual - PHOENIX Quadro

Digital Manual - PHOENIX Magno

Digital Manual - PHOENIX Vario

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Leybold PHOENIX Quadro, Magno & Vario Helium Leak Detectors - NEW

250001V02 Dry 100-240V
250000V02 Wet 230V 
251000V02 Wet 115V
251100V02 Wet 100V

350000V02 Wet 200-230V
352200V02 Wet 100-115V
350001V02 Dry 200-230V
352201V02 Dry 100-115V


Leak rate: bis 5 x 10-12 mbar l/s