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Leybold MAG.DRIVE digital - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: 400035V0001
Price: $6,400.00
Leybold MAG.DRIVE digital - REBUILT
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Leybold MAG.DRIVE digital - REBUILT

Leybold Vacuum MAG.DRIVE digital Frequency Converter - REBUILT

Leybold MAG.DRIVE digital

For operating and controlling of the TURBOVAC turbomolecular vacuum pumps an electronic frequency converter is essential. The frequency converter must match to vacuum pump. Beside bench top units and units for rack mounting there are in some cases also converters which are directly integrated within the vacuum pump. For communication and system integration several interfaces are available.

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Voltage range 200 - 240 V +10% -15%
Line supply frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    Stand-by approx. 100 W
    Maximum heated pumps 1,800 W
    Maximum non-heated pumps 1,100 W
Max. voltage motor 60 V
Maximum pump current 15 A rms
Maximum frequency 600 Hz
Load capability, relay output 42 V, 1 A
Temperature during operation 0 - 45°C
Storage temperature -10°C to +60°C
Relative air humidity Class F acc. to DIN 400 40
Overvoltage category II
Contamination level in accordance with EN 61010     2
Weight 10 kg

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Leybold Vacuum MAG.DRIVE digital Frequency Converter - REBUILT

MAG.DRIVE digital  400035V0001
MAG.DRIVE digital  400035V0017
MAG.DRIVE digital LINE  400035V0011
MAG.DRIVE digital LINE w/ Profibus  400035V0013
MAG.DRIVE digital LINE w/ RS232  400035V0014
MAG.DRIVE digital Ethernet  400035V0015
MAG.DRIVE S - w/out display  410300V0202
MAG.DRIVE S - w/ display  410300V0212
FAS.DRIVE digital  400300V0001
Display for MAG DRIVE controller  12136
MAG.DRIVE digital  400035V0017