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Manufacturer Part Number: 0920-00057
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USED MKS ASTeX ASTRONex FI80131 Reactive Gas Generator

The MKS ASTeX ASTRONex reactive gas generator is a reactive source for chamber cleaning and other reactive gas applications. The ASTRONex uses low field toroidal plasma to dissociate input gas to produce downstream reactive chemistries. It effectively dissociates alternative gases such as C3F8 and CF4 as an atomic florine generator. 

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Specifications ASTRONi ASTRONex
Gas Supply 100% Ar for ignition only
Operating Pressure 1 to 4 Torr during ignition measured at ASTRON outlet
1 to 10 Torr post ignition measured at ASTRON outlet once flow is stabilized
Reactant Output > 94% dissociation up to 2.5 slm, 3 to 10 Torr
> 94% dissociation up to 3.0 slm, 5 to 10 Torr
> 98% dissociation up to 6 slm NF3
Wetted Materials 6061-T6 Aluminum hardcoat anodized, Chemraz, Alumina, Sapphire
Control Interface 9 and 25 pin D, opto-isolated I/O
Inputs On/Off
Outputs Ready, AC line, Plasma On
Power 180 to 228 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30A, 3-phase 187 to 228 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60A, 3-phase
Cooling water 1.5 gpm, < 30°C 2.0 gpm, < 30°C
Ambient temp. 40°C max
Compliance S2-0200, CE, NRTL, SEMI F47

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USED MKS ASTeX ASTRONex FI80131 Reactive Gas Generator

FI80131  0920-00057
FI80131-C  0920-00057CW