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MKS ENI GMW-25Z RF Mid Power Supply

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MKS ENI GMW-25Z RF Mid Power Supply
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MKS ENI GMW-25Z RF Mid Power Supply

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  • RF output frequency: 2.00 MHz
  • RF output power rating into matched load: 2,500W into a 50Ω load
  • RF output power rating into mismatched load (all Φ):
    Forward Power Load VSWR
    2,500W 1.5:1
    2,000W 2.0:1
    1,500W 3.0:1
    500W ∞:1
  • Dynamic power range: 5-2,500W
  • Load impedance range: Unlimited
  • RF stability/spurious output: Unconditionally stable / < -50dBc (for any load, within ratings)
  • Harmonic output/ distortion: <-40dBc (within ratings)
  • Power control/ regulation:
    AC line-to-power 0.5% max. change in output power over rated line voltage range.
    Regulation tolerance is referenced from set point. Subject to limits of forward & reverse power and current; accuracy relative to ENI power standard.
    Power Range Reg. Tolerance
    >250W ±1%
    <250W ±2.5W
  • Load mismatch protection: Automatic; forward power limits typically 0.25 ms after reverse power reaches a pre-programed level 20% of rated power.
  • Primary AC power source: 3/PE∼, 380-480V ±5%, 15A, 50-60Hz ±3Hz
  • Power consumptions: 5.4kVA (480VAC, 60Hz)
  • Power factor at maximum output into a matched 50Ω load: >0.70
  • Cooling system: Combination of water-cooling and forced-air cooling.
  • External ambient air: Temperature rating 10-40 °C
  • Cooling water: Inlet temperature rating 5-35 °C
  • Connections: Accept ¼" male (NPT) pipe thread
  • Size* H x W x D- 5.25" x 19" rack mount x 22.62" *(including handles and connectors)
  • Weight: 55lbs.
  • Remote interface connector: Standard-subminiature type D, 9-pin digital; optional custom analog interface cards available.
  • RF output connector: Type N or custom
  • Equipment internal fuse ratings: Fuses F4-F6 on housekeeping power supply PCB Assy (1050-230) 3A, 250V

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MKS ENI GMW-25Z RF Mid Power Supply

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