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MKS ENI OEM-2000 13.56 MHz RF Plasma Generator

Manufacturer Part Number: OEM-2000-02M1
Price: $5,800.00
MKS ENI OEM-2000 13.56 MHz RF Plasma Generator
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MKS ENI OEM-2000 13.56 MHz RF Solid State Plasma Generator


The ENI Model OEM-2000 power generator is totally solid state. This generator is a water-cooled power source expressly designed for use in gas plasma and sputtering applications. Completely self-contained, the OEM-2000 provides all of the control and monitoring functions needed in a state­ of-the-art power generator. It will provide power output of 2,500W into a 50Ω impedance.

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Frequency/ stability 13.56MHz / ±0.005%
Rated power output 2,000W into 50Ω load with a 1.1:1 VSWR
Mismatched power output Worst phase forward power ref. to rating
    2,000W nominal into 1.5: 1 VSWR
    1,800W nominal into 2.0: 1 VSWR
    1,420W nominal into 3.0: 1 VSWR
Dynamic power range < 2W to 2,000W
RF power margin Open loop max power / rated power - 1 x 100% = 50% nominal
Load impedance range Unlimited
RF stability / spurious output     Unconditionally stable / < -60 dBc
AM noise Noise & AC ripple: < -60 dBc
Harmonic output / distortion < -55dBc
Power control / regulation Front panel or remote control, Automatic forward or load power regulation from 2W to max power output.
Regulation Tolerance: referenced from Set Point, subject to limits of Forward & Reverse Power and Current. Accuracy relative to ENI Power Standard.
AC-to-RF: Unmeasurable change in output power over full range of AC line voltage.
Power range Load VSWR Regulation tolerance
< 300W < 1.1:1 SP ±3.0W
> 1.1:1 - 3.0:1 SP < ±12W
> 300W < 1.1:1 SP ±1%
> 1.1:1 - 3.0:1 SP < ±4%
Primary AC power source 180 to 242VAC 50/60Hz. Three-phase. No tap selection necessary. 28A or less at 180VAC input, full power output. 25A or less at 208VAC input, full power output.
Load mismatch protection Automatic; forward power limits typically 0.2ms after reverse power reaches S00W or power amplifier current exceeds preset limit.
Cooling system Water flow at 1.8 Gal (7 liters) per minute min., at +5°C to +35°C. Connections provided to accept 1/4" male (NPT) pipe thread. Ambient air temperature: +5° to +40°C.
Emissions compliance Surpasses FCC Part 18 specifications
Power indicator 0-3,000W digital display provides simultaneous forward or load and reverse power indication
Pulsed operation < 3ms rise time; RF output may be controlled simultaneously for amplitude & pulse width
Dimensions* (H x W x D) 7.0 x 17.2 x 24" nominal (17.8 x 43.8 x 61 cm) *excluding front panel handles & feet
Weight 77.2 lbs nominal (35 kg)
Safety compliance Designed for UL 1012; IEC 950; CSA-C22.2 No. 234-M90
Control interface connectors Digital: RS-232/422 serial link; 300-19,200 Baud rate selectable; Type D 9-pin connector
Analog: ENI Type D 25-pin
Digital interface Full generator control and front panel display readings available; optional diagnostics
Analog interface inputs RF Power On
Forward Power Control; factory set at 200W/Volt
Safety Interlock Loop
External Control Select
Fault Alarm Reset
Forward/Load Power Leveling Select
Analog interface outputs Reverse Power Indicator: from 0 to 12.5V, factory set to 50W/V, 10V = 500W
Forward Power Indicator: from 0 to 12.5V, factory set to 200WN, 10V = 2,000W
Fault Alarm
RF output connector Type HN
Rack mounting EIA 19-inch or JIS-compatible;
7" Rack panel height EIA, 200mm
Rack panel height JIS
Ordering option ENI Type D 15-pin analog interface


Power Supply 6 12 25 50 1250 2000
Output (kW) .600 1.25 2.50 5.00 1.25 2.0
Power Regulation 1% into 50 Ohms
Frequency Stability 13.56 MHz ±.05%
Max Output (kW) 750 1,250 2,730 5,000 1,250 2,000
Harmonic Dist. -55 dBc -45 dBc -55 dBc
Noise, Ripple -30 dBc at full power
Line Voltage 198-240 VAC, 1-phase, 50/60Hz
Connectors Type N HN LC N HN
Net Weight (lbs.) 76 126 225 375 48.5 77.2
Water Flow (gpm) 0.8 1.2 2.0 4 1.2 1.8
HxWxD (inches) 7x17x15 9x17x16 18x17x21 27x17x21 7x17x13 7x17x24

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MKS ENI OEM-2000 13.56 MHz RF Solid State Plasma Generator