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Leybold COOLVAC 3000 iCL Cryopump - NEW

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Manufacturer Part Number: 844321V0006
Leybold COOLVAC 3000 iCL Cryopump - NEW
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Leybold COOLVAC 3000 iCL Cryopump - NEW

Leybold fulfils the rapidly increasing requirements for cryopump systems with its “smart” family of cryogenic pumps – adapted to current and future economic trends and cycles.

We have combined a smart controller which is easy to operate for rapid, reliable and clean regeneration with high performance, low vibration and efficient cold heads and compressors.

High quality, high reliability and impressive performance data are guaran- teed and confirmed by our customers through current installations.

Questions? Please call our toll free number at 866-332-0500 or send an email to our sales team!

High vacuum (HV) flange 320 ISO-K / 10"ANSI
Forevacuum flange DN 25 KF
Built-in cold COOLPOWER     7/25
Cooldown time to T2 = 20K 120 min
Crossover value 500 mbar-1
Pumping speed  
    H2O 10,500 l/s-1
    Ar 2,500 l/s-1
    N2 3,000 l/s-1
    H2 6,000 l/s-1
    Ar / N2 2,500 bar-1
    H2 at 10-5 mbar 28 bar-1
Max. volume flow rate  
    Ar / N2 15 mbar x l x s-1
    H2 10 mbar x l x s-1
iClassicLine models 46 kg
BasicLine models 35 kg

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Leybold COOLVAC 3000 iCL Cryopump - NEW

844321V0006  DN 320 ISO-K
844321V0004  DN 10" ANSI

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