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Leybold TURBOTRONIK NT 340M Frequency Converter - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: 85571
Leybold TURBOTRONIK NT 340M Frequency Converter - REBUILT
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Leybold Vacuum TURBOTRONIK NT 340M Frequency Converter - REBUILT

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Mains voltage, with selector switch 100/120/220/240 V,+10%/-15%
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption including all connected units < 1,000 VA
Power consumption of the TURBOVAC < 400 VA
Rated speed of the TURBOVAC 43,860 / 51,600 min-1
Minimum speed of the TURBOVAC 6,000 min-1
Power output (motor)  
    Nominal voltage 50 V
    Current limitation 7 A
Power output for the magnetic bearing  
    Nominal voltage ± 16 V
    Current limitation ± 7 A
Control Inputs - digital, floating  
    Each terminal 25 V eff AC max., 60 VDC versus protective conductor LEYBOTRONIK I compatible
    High level; between “+” and “-” terminal 13 V...33 V/max. 10 mA
    Low level; between “+” and “-” terminal 0 V...7 V
Pulse duration (for remote control active “START” pump, “STOP” pump, heater On/Off)     > 200 ms
Target speed analog input, not isolated  
    Setting range 0...10 V
    Rated speed 0 V
    Minimum speed 10 V
Control Outputs  
Relay 25 V eff AC, 60 VDC, 2 A/60 W/125 VA
    for normal operation operating contact
    for acceleration operating contact
    for failure resting contact, switchable to operating contact
Analog voltage (selectionable speed or motor current proportional) 0...10 V
    Loadable max. 5 mA
    Standstill, no current corresponds to 0 V
    Rated speed, max. current corresponds to 10 V
Reference voltage (not isolated for speed potentiometer and remote control inputs) 15 V, max. 20 mA
Forevacuum pump “FOREPUMP”  
Relay point 6 A, 750 VA, 250 V
Weight approx. 7 kg

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Leybold Vacuum TURBOTRONIK NT 340M Frequency Converter - REBUILT

230 V - 857 29 
120 V - 857 30
100 V - 857 31
110/220 V - 855 71 

120 V - 857 32

208 V - 857 34

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