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Leybold Vacuum TURBOVAC MAG W 2000 / C / CT Turbo Pump - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: 89416
Leybold Vacuum TURBOVAC MAG W 2000 / C / CT Turbo Pump - REBUILT
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Leybold Vacuum TURBOVAC MAG W 2000 / C / CT Turbomolecular Pump - REBUILT

Accuracy, precision and reliability those are the features of these magnetically-levitated turbomolecular pumps. High pumping speed and gas throughput for faster pump down time improve equipment cycle times. With its fully integrated converter and power supply, conventional rack-mounted controller and interconnecting cables are no longer necessary.

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Pumping speed for N2 measured with splinter guard (PNEUROP)     1,650 l/s-1
Compression for N2 3.8 x 108
Compression for H2 9.6 x 103
Ultimate pressure as to DIN 28 400 2 x 10-10 mbar
Max. forevacuum pressure with nitrogen 1.0 mbar
Recommended forevacuum pressure < 10-2 mbar
Rotor speed 28,800 min-1
Run-up time < 8 min
Braking time with/without venting 1 / < 7.5 min
Cooling water
Cooling connection, hose nipples for hose ID 8 to 10 mm
Cooling water temperature 15 to 30°C / 59 to 86°F
Weight approx. 72 kg
High-vacuum connection flange DN 250 CF
Forevacuum connection flange DN 40 KF
Recommended backing pump DRYVAC 50
Admissible ambient temperature 5 to 40°C / 40 to 104°F
Storage temperature -10 to +60°C / 14 to 140°F
Max. relative air humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Degree of protection (EN 60529) IP 20

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Leybold Vacuum TURBOVAC MAG 2000 / C / CT Turbomolecular Pump - REBUILT

89416 TURBOVAC MAG 2000C; DN 250 ISO
89417 MAG W 2000 C, DN 250ISO-F

89430 TURBOVAC MAG 2000 CT - DN 250 ISO-F
89431 TURBOVAC MAG W 2000CT; DN 250 ISO-F
400045V0008 TURBOVAC MAG 2000C; DN 250 CF
400045V0009 TURBOVAC MAG 2000C; DN 250 ISO
400045V0010 MAG 2000 CTS; DN 250 ISO-F 40K
400045V0011 MAG 2000CT; DN 250 ISO-F 40KF
400045V0012 MAG 2000C; DN 250 ISO-K 40KF
400045V0013 MAG 2000CT; DN 250 ISO-K

400047V0001 MAG W 2000 C - DIGITAL - DN 250 ISO-F
400047V0002 MAG W 2000 CT - Digital
400047V0010 MAG 2000 CTS; DN 250 ISO-K
400047V0011 MAG 2000 C; DN 250 ISO-K 
400047V0012 MAG 2000 CT; DN 250 ISO-K

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