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Magnetic Rotor Suspension / Integrated & External Frequency Converters

Accuracy, precision and reliability those are the features of these magnetically-levitated turbomolecular pumps. High pumping speed and gas throughput for faster pump down time improve equipment cycle times. With its fully integrated converter and power supply, conventional rack-mounted controller and interconnecting cables are no longer necessary.

The TURBOVAC MAG turbomolecular vacuum pumps with magnetic rotor suspension pressure range from 10-1 mbar (0.75 x 10-1 Torr) to 10-10 mbar (0.75 x 10-10 Torr). Pumping speeds for air vary from 300 l/s to 3,200 l/s. The TURBOVAC MAG pumps are used in applications where low noise level, extremely low vibration or hydrocarbon-free vacuum conditions are important. As well in applications with corrosive gases or for analytical instruments and research and development.

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