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In keeping with our theme of “What YOU Need, When YOU Need It!” SM we offer a menu of customizable field labor and technical support options that can be included as part of our GreenChipSM Service Programs. We have an ever growing database of field service engineers located throughout North America with a variety of technical knowledge and experience.

On-Site Support

PTB Service Engineer conducts routine periodic on-site visits to check status of existing installed base products covered under the program with the customer. The frequency and scope of the visits are determined by the scope of work and adjustable as the customer sees fit.

Technical Support

PTB Service Engineer serves as the first point of contact for troubleshooting / technical support of the supported installed base equipment. This can be performed at the customer site or remotely.

Equipment Installation & Removal

PTB Service Engineer coordinates with customer maintenance team to schedule removal, exchange and installation of new components as defined in the scope of work and the contract can be structured as well for the PTB engineer to do the removal, installation as well as logistics / shipping coordination.

Logistics Management

If there is a consignment aspect to the service program, one of the value added services we can offer, is the management of the on-site consignment. This becomes especially beneficial to a customer if we are providing services across more than just one type of equipment.


PTB offers technical training for cryogenic vacuum pumps and systems. This training can be performed on-site for multiple days as a separate and distinct event and can also be performed as part of an ongoing service program with multiple training sessions spread throughout the term of the contract.

Preventative Maintenance Management

This is our premier Labor service and encompasses part or all of the items mentioned above. PTB Service Engineer provides a monthly status report to the customer on the installed base equipment condition. This report identifies equipment recommended for PM, itemizes the installations and repairs that have been conducted during the period. The report also details all tech support diagnostics escalations that have occurred during the month.

i-CAR-CTM Powered Installed-Base Audits with Performance Improvement Recommendations

Leverage PTB’s proprietary software-based product, the i-CAR-CTM (Intelligent Corrective Action Report – Cryogenic) for a non-intrusive Cryopump System Audit and custom tailored, meaningful maintenance recommendations.

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