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Optical Coaters

PTB Industry Focus: Optical Coating

PTB Sales has been supporting the Optical Coating industry for approximately 20 years and serves facilities of all sizes.

Optical Coaters use a wide variety of vacuum equipment in their manufacturing process, depending upon the specific applications and capital equipment being used.

PTB provides the following services to Optical Coaters:

We provide this high level of support across a very wide variety of equipment types and manufacturers and have been doing so for many years:

PTB is uniquely suited to support Optical Coaters as no other service company in North America provides these services across such a wide variety of equipment and OEMs. This type of product and service breadth is required by the Optical Coating industry.

Additionally, PTB provides the sale of vacuum chambers and custom vacuum manufacturing services. These chambers can be purchased “AS IS” or we can install and manufacture the required equipment to the customer’s unique specifications.