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The Glassman LVP 7.5-80 is a industrial switch mode DC power supply.




Model kWatts        
ATE 75-3M 75V-3A
JQE 75-3M 75V-3A
JQE 150-7M 150V-7A


Kepco BOP's are high speed power operational amplifiers that can be used to provide dynamically agile voltage for test and simulation. The 20-20 is available as an M or D model.




Model Output kW
SL300 -
SA1 1
SA4 4
SL1200 1.200
SR4 4
SR6 6
406338 -
XRM50P200/322 -


Spellman High Voltage SR6PN6 is 6kW at 1A. The SA1P4 is 1kW at 1A.

All high voltage power supplies are sold after a cursory test and inspection since we do not have high voltage facilities.