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Oxford Instruments M600 - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: 91-00014-006
Oxford Instruments M600 - REBUILT
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Oxford Instruments M600 - REBUILT

Oxford Instruments M600 Helium Compressor - REBUILT

The Model 600 / Model 400 compressor is designed for tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation. The main features of the Model 600 / Model 400 compressors are:

  • Minimal maintenance requirements 
  • Removable adsorber panel for easy maintenance 
  • Integrated water flow meter 
  • Rack mounting option, which is ideal for vacuum coating/ion implanters, semiconductor vacuum systems, CAT scanners, MRI systems and sputtering system applications.


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Model 600 Low Voltage High Voltage
Operating AC voltage (factory setting) 200~230V +/-10% (230V) 400~480V +/-10% (480V)
Frequency 50/60 Hz 3-phase
Max current drawn 25 A 13 A
Max power 7.8 kW
Weight 260 lbs for water-cooled model
300 lbs for air-cooled model
Helium pressure Static: 240 +/- 5 psig
Operating Delta P: 250 +/- 10 psig
Interface Cold head power connector mates with ASC and CTI drive cables
Compressor power cord is equipped with bare ends
Helium connections: 1/2 inch male Aeroquip couplings
Adsorber replacement schedule 15,000 Hours (per elapsed time meter on the compressor) or 3 years. Which ever comes first.
Cooling water (for water-cooled models) 1.4 -1.8 GPM minimum flow rate
65°F~80°F maximum inlet water temperature
Recommended chiller capacity: 2.5 ton/per unit
Water line connector: 3/8 inch Swagelok tube fittings
Air cooling (for air-cooled models) Air-cooled units must maintain a minimum clearance of at least 24 inches at all sides
Maximum ambient temperature should not exceed 104°F

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Oxford Instruments M600 Helium Compressor - REBUILT

9100009001 / 91-00009-001  air-cooled, high voltage, standard drive circuit
9100009000 / 91-00009-000  air-cooled, low voltage, standard drive circuit
9100010000 / 91-00010-000  air-cooled, low voltage, Onboard drive circuit
9100014000 / 91-00014-000  water-cooled, high voltage, standard drive circuit
9100014001 / 91-00014-001  water-cooled, low voltage, standard drive circuit
9100015000 / 91-00015-000  water-cooled, low voltage, Onboard drive circuit