VAT Pendulum Control Vacuum Valves - REPAIR SERVICE

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Pendulum Vacuum Valve Repair Service    
Series Valve Description
162 Pendulum valve for corrosive processes, low particle count
168 Large pendulum valve for FPD production systems and coating industry
650 Pendulum valve control system for pressure control & isolation, integrated controller
652 Pendulum valve control system     for pressure control & isolation, extended control range


We stock and provide repair service for VAT pendulum control valves.

Pneumatic Actuator: 16236-PA21, 16236-JA21, 16236-TA21, 16240-PA21, 16240-JA21, 16240-TA21, 16244-PA21, 16244-JA21, 16244-TA21, 16246-PA21, 16246-JA21, 16246-TA21, 16248-PA21, 16248-JA21, 16248-TA21, 16250-PA21, 16250-JA21, 16250-TA21, 16251-JA21, 16251-TA21, 16252-PA21, 16252-JA21, 16252-TA21, 16852-PA24, 16852-JA24, 16854-PA24, 16854-JA24, 16854-AA24  

3-Position Pneumatic Actuator: 16236-PA28, 16236-JA28, 16236-TA28, 16240-PA28, 16240-JA28, 16240-TA28, 16244-PA28, 16244-JA28, 16244-TA28, 16246-PA28, 16246-JA28, 16246-TA28, 16248-PA28, 16248-JA28, 16248-TA28, 16250-PA28, 16250-JA28, 16250-TA28, 16251-JA28, 16251-TA28, 16252-PA28, 16252-JA28, 16252-TA28, 16852-PA28, 16852-JA28, 16854-PA28, 16854-JA28, 16854-AA28