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Pfeiffer Vacuum MAGPOWER Turbomolecular Pump Controller - NEW

Detection and automatic running of pump models: ATH 1300 M, ATH 1600 M, ATH 1603 M, ATH 2300 M, ATH 2303 M, ATH 2800 M, ATH 3200 M , ATP 2300 M - ATH 1300 MT, ATH 1600 MT, ATH 2300 MT, ATH 2800 MT, ATH 3200 MT equipped with heater band.

  • Digital external drive electronics for ATH M and ATP M maglev pumps (except ATH 500 series)
  • Compact 1/2 of 19" ) rack size
  • Full interchangeability to any ATH-M and ATP-M pumps
  • CE marked and ROHS compliant

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Maximum power 10 A
Nominal voltage (single phase and two-phase)     200 V -10% to 240 V +10%
Frequency 48/63 Hz
Maximum power consumption 750 W
w/out heater 1.2 kW
w/ heater 1.2 kW + 0.250 kW
Customer main circuit breaker rating 10 A minimum
Ambient operating temperature T ≤ 40°C
Maximum altitude 2,000 M
Maximum relative humidity 80% up to 31°C linear decrease up to 50% up to 40°C
Pollution degree applicable 2
Equipment protection IP 20
Indoor use only Industrial use only
Transient overvoltages typically present on the mains supply Accept temporary overvoltages on the network Categorie II

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Pfeiffer Vacuum MAGPOWER Turbomolecular Pump Controller - NEW