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Pfeiffer TCP 310

90 Day Warranty

Manufacturer Part Number: PM C01 520
Price: $1,100.00
Pfeiffer TCP 310
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Pfeiffer TCP 310

Pfeiffer Vacuum TCP 310 Turbomolecular Pump Controller

Pfeiffer TCP 310

Pfeiffer Vacuum turbo pumps are available for pumping speeds of between 50 and 2,700 liters per second. They are available in two different options - a hybrid bearing system with a combination of a ceramic ball bearing on the forevacuum side and a permanently magnetic radial bearing on the high vacuum side, and a fully, active magnetic bearing system in which the rotor is levitated with no contact or wear at all. The Pfeiffer turbo controllers are made for one type of pump or the other.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum TCP 310 Turbomolecular Pump Controller

PM C01 520 / PMC01520

We can sell the exact Pfeiffer model replacement or suggest an alternate turbo pump controller. We will review your details and our documentation and experience to support your pump/controller application.

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