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Pfeiffer Vacuum TMH 1601 P Turbo Pump - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: PM P02 892
Pfeiffer Vacuum TMH 1601 P Turbo Pump - REBUILT
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Pfeiffer Vacuum TMH 1601 P Turbomolecular Pump - REBUILT

  • The turbomolecular pumps TMH/TMU 1601P and TMH/TMU 1601 PC may only be used for the purpose of generating vacuum.
  • The turbomolecular pumps TMH/TMU 1601 PC are designed to pump corrosive gases and vapours. Where corrosive gas processes are involved, gas bonding and particels which can damage the surfaces of the pump can be produced. The motor and bearing compartments have to be protected with sealing gas.
  • The turbo pump smay only be used to pump those media against which they are chemically resistant. For other media the operator is required to qualify the pumps for the processes involved.
  • If the process produces dust,the maintenance intervals must be specified accordingly and sealing gas must be used.
  • If the pump is to be operated with more than 50% of the permissible gas load, sealing gas must be used.
  • The turbopump must be connected to a backing pump in accordance with Section 3.3.
  • Only Pfeiffer Vacuum power units may be used to operate the TC 600. The use of other power units requires the prior agreement of the manufacturer and equalisation with the valid specification.
  • The pumps may only be operated providing theambient conditions in compliance with Protection Type IP 30 are observed.

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Specifications TMH/TMU 1601 P TMH/TMU 1601 P C H (T)
Inlet DN 200 ISO-K
DN 200 CF-F
DN 250 ISO-K
DN 250 CF-F
DN 200 ISO-K
DN 200 CF-F
DN 250 ISO-K
DN 250 CF-F
Outlet DN 40 ISO-KF
Venting connection G 1/8”
Nominal rotation speed 600 Hz (36,000 l/min)
Standby rotation speed 400 Hz (24,000 l/min)
Start-up time (up to 90% of the nominal rotation speed fore-vacuum pressure ≤ 0.1 mbar) 6 min
Noise level 47 dB(A)
Final pressure, backing pump ≤ 5 mbar ≤ 2.5 mbar
Maximum permissible rotor temperature 120°C
Permissible heat radiation power 35 W
Volume flow rate for:
    N2 1,000 l/s 1,400 l/s 1,000 l/s 1,400 l/s
    He 1,100 l/s 1,200 l/s 1,100 l/s 1,210 l/s
    H2 750 l/s 900 l/s 750 l/s 900 l/s
Compression ratio for:
    N2 1011 > 109
    He 2 x 107 1 x 105
    H2 2 x 105 5 x 103
Maximum fore-vacuum pressure
    N2 14 mbar 5 mbar
    He 12 mbar 4.5 mbar
    H2 6 mbar 2 mbar
Maximum gas throughput 1. 2. 3.
    w/ HV pressure of 0.1 mbar
        N2 22 mbar l/s 24 mbar l/s
        Ar - 27 mbar l/s
    w/ nominal rotation speed (water cooling)
        N2 12 mbar l/s 18 mbar l/s
        Ar 7 mbar l/s 12 mbar l/s
    w/ voltage range 90 - 132 VAC
        N2 9 mbar l/s 15 mbar l/s
Vertex power characteristics lines 4.
        A 520 W / 600 Hz
        B 560 W / 450 Hz
        C 480 W / 600 Hz
        D 520 W / 348 Hz
Final pressure 5.
    w/ diaphragm vacuum pump < 5 x 10-10 mbar < 1 x 10-8 mbar
    w/ rotary vane vacuum pump
    w/ UniDryTM
    Type 6. F3
    Filling volume 65 cm3
Cooling water consumption w/ water at 15 ÞC 7. 100 l/h
Cooling water temperature 5-25 ÞC
Permissible ambient temperature w/ air cooling 0-35 ÞC -
Power consumption
    Casing heating unit 170 W
    TMS heating - 1,000 W
Weight 49 / 51 kg
Permissible magnetic field 3 mT
Connection voltage 140 ± 5% VDC
Current consumption 4.3 A
Power 600 W
Protection class 8. IP 30
Relative humidity of air 5 - 85% non condensing


  1. Measured with a rotary vane vacuum pump > 5m3/h, higher gas throughputs with reduced rotation speed.
  2. In TMS operations the maximum gas throughput is reduced with increasing TMS temperature.
  3. If the pump is to be operated with more than 50% of the maximum gas load, sealing gas must be used.
  4. For gas type characteristics lines please refer to Section 4.4. Where pumps for TMS operations are involved, the corner points reduce according to the temperature; the values are available on request.
  5. In accordance with DIN 28 428 the final pressure of a turbomolecular pump is that pressure which is attained in a measuring dome 48 hours after baking out.
  6. See rating plate.
  7. With maximum gas throughput.
  8. Protection class IP 54 is afforded for the Electronic Drive Unit TC 600 by retro-fitting a cover plate (accessory).

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Pfeiffer Vacuum TMH 1601 P Turbomolecular Pump - REBUILT

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