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Pfeiffer TSU 521 - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: PM S12 05 000
Pfeiffer TSU 521 - REBUILT
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Pfeiffer TSU 521 - REBUILT

Pfeiffer Vacuum TSU 521 Turbomolecular Pump System

The plug and play type TurboCubeTM pumping stations are fully automatically operating pumping units. If the turbo pump is supplied separately, the venting valve and the cooling unit must be connected to the pump, then the pump is to be connected to the pumping station.

The integrated display and operating unit DCU 001 serves to control and monitor the pumping station and works in conjunction with the electronic drive unit TC 600.

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Specifications DN 100 ISO-K DN 160 ISO-K DN 100 CF-F DN 160 CF-F
Pumping speed (N2) 300 l/s 510 l/s 300 l/s 510 l/s
Final pressure w/
Rotary vane pumps < 5 x 10-10 mbar
Diaphragm pumps < 1 x 10-8 mbar
Pumping speed, backing pump mains freq. at 50 Hz
MVP 055-3 3.3 m3/h
DUO 2.5 2.5 m3/h
Mains connection - power cons. w/
MVP 055-3 500 VA
DUO 2.5 430 VA
Weight w/
MVP 055-3 56 kg
DUO 2.5 51 kg

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Pfeiffer Vacuum TSU 521 Turbomolecular Pump System

PM S12 05 000