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Pfeiffer Vacuum TMH 260 Turbo Pump - REBUILT

Manufacturer Part Number: PM P02 130 A
Price: $4,250.00
Pfeiffer Vacuum TMH 260 Turbo Pump - REBUILT
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Pfeiffer Vacuum TMH 260 Turbomolecular Pump - REBUILT

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Specifications TMH 260 / P TMU 260 / P
Inlet DN 100 ISO-K DN 100 CF-F
Outlet DN 25 ISO-KF/G 1/4"
Venting connection G 1/8”
Maximum permissible rotor temperature 90°C
Permissible heat radiation power 4 W
Electronic drive unit TCP 121 / 380
Nominal rotation speed 60,000 l/min
Standby rotation speed 40,000 l/min
Run-up time (up to 90% rated rotation speed w/ TCP 380) 1:45 min
Noise level < 50 dB(A)
Final pressure, backing pump < 5 mbar
Volume flow rate for:
    N2 210 l/s
    He 220 l/s
    H2 180 l/s
Compression ratio for:
    N2 > 1 x 109
    He 3 x 105
    H2 1.3 x 104
Maximum fore-vacuum pressure
    N2 10 mbar
    He 8 mbar
    H2 4 mbar
Maximum gas throughput 1)
    N2 3.5 mbar
    He 4.0 mbar
    H2 1.2 mbar
Final pressure 2)
    w/ diaphragm vacuum pump 1 x 10-8 mbar
    w/ rotary vane vacuum pump 1 x 10-10 mbar
Lubricant TL 011
Max. cooling water consumption w/ water at 15°C 3) 50 l/h
Cooling water temperature 5-25°C
Permissible ambient temperature w/ air cooling 0-35°C
Heating power consumption 60 W
Weight 7.5 kg 8 kg
Permissible magnetic field 5.5 mT


1) Measured with rotary vane vacuum pump 1.5 m3/h, higher gas throughputs with reduced rotation speed.

2) In accordance with DIN 28 428 the final pressure of a turbomolecular pump is that pressure which is attained in a measuring dome 48 hours after baking out.

3) With max. gas throughput.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum TMH 260 Turbomolecular Pump - REBUILT

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