Power Supplies

RF & DC Power Supplies - PTB Sales, Inc.

  • 10 years of refurbishing power supplies.
  • Refurbished over 800 units in the last three years.
  • 1,500 units in stock.

PTB sells power supplies for sputtering and evaporation, as well as for etching, ashing, bombardment, induction and others. We sell various sizes to correspond to the amount of material or the deposition/etch rates desired. We test them thoroughly before shipping and can accommodate special test requirements.

Advanced Energy, ENI, Plasmatherm, RFPP & Temescal


Visit the manufacturers' links for specifications. Contact us for a matching network or supply to meet your requirements (including Astech ALT 100 RA). DC magnetron vacuum deposition and 13.56 MHz RF power supplies are our specialty.

Things to consider

  • Input power
  • Water cooled or air cooled
  • Interface to system
  • Matching network and grounding