Ready to Go List

We provide daily updated lists of equipment that are rebuilt and ready to ship.

Most of these have been built as they are commonly shipped. Contact us if you need a different configuration.

These are popular items and there are a number lined-up for refurbishment. If these are not currently listed then call to see where the next one is in line.

Turbo Pumps & Controllers



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85402	        TURBOVAC TMP 50 DN 63 CF
800002V2236	TURBOVAC TW 70H 63CF/16KF; TD400/RS232, air c
800002V3002     TURBOVAC SL 80; conflat flange
85632	        TURBOVAC 151 100 CF; water  
11430	        TURBOVAC TW 220-150-15 / 24V TI / Cartridge
800160V0005	TURBOVAC TW 220-150 / 24V -Purge DI / D-SHAP
11437	        TURBOVAC TW 250 S 100 ISO-K; Water; TD400/PB
800170V3005	TURBOVAC SL300  DN 100 ISO-K/16KF,
830051V1000	TURBOVAC 350 i / DN 100 ISO-K
830051V2400	TURBOVAC 350 i / PB / DN 100 ISO-K   
85674	        TURBOVAC 361 SCIEX DN 100 ISO-K
85671	        TURBOVAC 361; 100 CF
85672	        TURBOVAC 361 160 ISO-K
85670	        TURBOVAC 361 100 ISO-K
85675	        TURBOVAC 361 C; 100 ISO-K
800160V0020	TURBOVAC TW 250-200-40 TI/Cartridge-Housing
800160V0017	TURBOVAC TW 400-300-25 / 24V TI/Cartridge-Housing
800160V0017V	TURBOVAC TW 400-300-25 CARTRIDGE with purge/vent
800160V0027	TURBOVAC TW 400-300
800160V0027V	TURBOVAC TW 400-300 TD 400 RS 485 cable 0,65 m
800160V0011	TURBOVAC TW 400-300-25 / 24V TI/Cartridge-Housing
830071V1000	TURBOVAC 450 i / DN 160 ISO-K
800051V0021	TURBOVAC TW 701 160 ISO-K; Luft-gek. / RS
800051V0023	TURBOVAC TW 701 160 ISO-K  
830071V3300	TURBOVAC 450 iX, RS 485; DN 160 ISO-K
RB_TMP1000      TURBOVAC 1000
11764	        TURBOVAC 1000 C 200 CF; 40 KF
85536           TURBOVAC 1000 C 250 ISO-K
85537	        TURBOVAC 1000 C 250 ISO-K
85539	        TURBOVAC 1000 C DN 250 ISO-K
89489	        TURBOVAC 1000 C 6" ANSI
800150V0031	TURBOVAC 1100 C 200 ISO-K; 63 ISO
410300V0506	TURBOVAC MAG W 300 iP DN 100 CF
410300V0005	TURBOVAC MAG W 300 P DN 100 ISO-K
400100V0041	TURBOVAC MAG W 830 DN 160 CF
400110V0017	TURBOVAC MAG W 1300 C - DN 200 ISO-F / DN 25 KF
400110V0021	TURBOVAC MAG W 1300 C W/250 ISO-F
400110V0015	TURBOVAC MAG W 1300 C - DN 200 ISO-F / DN 25 KF
400020V0002	MAG 1500 CT; DN 200 ISO-F
400027V0001	MAG W 1500 C; DN 250 ISO-F
400045V0004	TURBOVAC MAG 2000 CTS DN 250 ISO-F
400047V0004	TURBOVAC MAG 2000 CTS DN 250 ISO-F
400081V0010	TURBOVAC MAG W 2200 C DN 200 ISO-F
400081V0020	TURBOVAC MAG W 2200 C DN 250 ISO-F-N2
400081V0011	TURBOVAC MAG W 2200 C Digital, DN 200 ISO-F
412200V0504	TURBOVAC MAG W 2200 iP - DN 250 ISO-F

85720	        TURBOTRONIK NT 20 220V 50/60Hz
85721	        TURBOTRONIK NT 20 120V
RB_NT150/360    TURBOTRONIK NT 150/360
85715	        TURBOTRONIK NT 151/361 230V
85472-6	        TURBOTRONIK NT 361 CONVERTER 115V w/o CABLE
400300V0001	FAS.DRIVE digital
400035V0001	MAG.DRIVE digital
400035V0011	MAG.DRIVE digital-LINE
400001431	MAG.DRIVE 300 - Basic Unit
894021	        MAG-TST.DRIVE CDS water-cooled
882001	        MAG-TURBOSTREAM S5000 S
800100V0002	TURBO.POWER 300
400037V0004	TMS cable for MD digital
400036V0010	drive/bearing cable 5m f.MD
400036V0003	drive/bearing cable 20m f.MD digi



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B71901001       STP-H451C 150160K NW40
B71700010       STP-H803C IS0160F KF40
RB_STPH1000C    STP-H1000C
B72101090       STP-1003C ISO200
RB_STPA1603C    STP-A1603C
B75004090       STP-A2203LVS IS0250F
B75004250       STP-A2203C2 IS0250F
PT500Z006       STP-F2203C VG250 KF40 VCRl/4 
YT630Z010       STP-IXA2205CP IS0250F PROF
PT661Z000       STP-XA3203CV IS0320F W/O-GROOVE KF 
PT6616020       STP-XA3203CV IS0320F KF40

B81200100       nEXT 240D ISO100 160W
B81200200       nEXT 240D CF100 160W
B82321103       nEXT 300T B90 ISO100 FINE
B83200300       nEXT 400D ISO160 160W
B72223000       EXT70H DN40 NW 
B72226991       EXT70H ISO100 
B72248000       EXT75DX ISO63 
B72241000       EXT75DX ISO63
B75624991       EXT200/200H 24V Agilent
B75601991       EXT200/200H PUMP ONLY 24V
B75642991       EXT200/200H MK2S SYSTEM 24V 
B74003000       EXT250H DNl00 ISO-K
B75303000       EXT255HI DNl00 ISO-K CMP
B75305991       EXT255H ISO100 COARSE SCRN 24V
B75303991       EXT255HI ISO100 24V

RB_SCU301       SCU-301
PT34Z0Z00       SCU-H301C 100/200V
YT72Z0Z00       SCU-1400
RB_SCU1500      SCU-1500



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RB_TV250        Agilent Varian TV 250
RB_ET1600WS     EBARA ET1600WS
RB_TCP6000      Pfeiffer TCP 6000

We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these pumps.

Dry Scroll & Dry Pumps


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AC651274        ACP 15 G


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                ISP 250C
98882251        ISP 500C



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RB_PTS600       TriScroll PTS 600 3ph, 200-460V
PTS06211ULD     TriScroll PTS 620
RB_PTS621       TriScroll PTS 621



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112045V15	DRYVAC DV 450
112065V15	DRYVAC DV 650
112065V17-1	DRYVAC DV 650 triple purge
112065V36-1	DRYVAC DV 650 C-r 400V
112065V20-1	DRYVAC DV 650 S
112120V50-1	DRYVAC DV 1200 S-i LVO210

13512	        DIVAC 2.2 L 230V; 50Hz
13500	        DIVAC 0.6 L 230V; 50Hz
12780	        DIVAC 0.8 T, DIAPHRAGM PUMP, TURBO 198-264V

133002	        SCROLLVAC SC30D 200-230V AC 50/60Hz



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A71003907       ESDP30 3ph UNIVERSAL
A72401905       XDS5 Univ volts 3ph
A72501906 	XDS5C 110V/240V 1ph 50/60Hz
A72601906       XDS10 110V/240V 1ph 50/60Hz
A72701906       XDS10C 110V/240V 1ph 50/60Hz
A73803983       nXDS20iR 100-127/200-240V lph 50/60Hz
A73001983       XDS35i 115/220V 50/60Hz
A73006983       XDS35iC 100-120/200-230V 50/60Hz

RB_DP40         DP40 3ph 200-460V PFPE
RB_QDP40        QDP40 3ph 200-460V PFPE
RB_IQDP40       iQDP40 3ph 200-460V PFPE 
IQ1100404       iQDP40 Har OLM H2O 208V 60Hz
RB_QDP80        QDP80 3ph 200-460V PFPE
IQ2100204       iQDP80 HAR WFS 208V 60Hz 3ph
IQ6120004       iQDP80/500 HAR DM 208V 60Hz
IQ2100004       iQDP80 HAR 208v 60Hz 3ph
IQ6120004       iQDP80/500 HAR DM 208V 60Hz
IQ7140404       iQDP80/1200 HAR FM OLM H2O 208V 60H

A54057000       IPUP2 200-230V 50/60Hz 12A
A59000945       iH80 MK5 200-208V 50/60HZ
A53391945       iH160 Dry Pump 200-208 50/60Hz
A53506945       iH160 (VA) 200-208V 50/60Hz
A53341945       iH600 HEAC 200-208V 50/60Hz
A53358945       iH600F 200-208V 50/60Hz
A53346945       iL600N HEAC 208V 50/60Hz
A53342945       iH1000 HEAC 200-208V 50/60Hz
NRC529000       iH1800NRVMK5 LV A59050957
A53514945       iH1800HTX NEW LOOK 200-208V
A53512945       iH1800 NEW LOOK 200-208V 50/60Hz
NRB633000       iH1800 PNL COOLED 200/208V 50/60Hz
NRA323000       iH35SE

RB_IGX100L      iGX100L 3ph 240V PFPE
A53810958 	IGX100L 200-230V 50/60Hz SS
A53610958       IGX100L 200-230V 50/60Hz
A54610958       iGX100L 200-230V 50/60Hz
A54611958       iGX100N 200-230V 50/60Hz
A54612958       IGX100M 200-230V 50/60Hz
A54630958       iGX600L 200-230V 50/60Hz
A53630958       iGX600L 200-230V 50/60Hz
A54632958       IGX600M 200-230V 50/60Hz
A54631958       iGX600N 200-230V 50/60Hz

ACAD09123000    iXH450H 380-460V 50/60Hz (204)
AC310A121200    iXH1210 200-230V 50/60Hz (MM44)
ACEB07122200    iXH1820H 380-460V 50/60Hz
ACHD02123300    iXH6045H 380-460V 50/60Hz (44slm) 

A41944212       EPX180NE 200V SPI TIM 3/8
NRD554000       EPX180L TWIN 400V 3/8 QC
A41941112       EPX180L SVC 200V C3 3/8
A41941212       EPX180L 208V SPI 3/8 WATER CON
A41941412       EPX180L 208V TEL 3/8 WATER CON
A41942212       EPX180N 208V SPI 3/8 WATER CON
A41943412       EPX180LE TEL 3/8 200V
A41943712       EPX180LE 208V 3/4
A41961222       EPX TWIN 180L SPI 1/4 QC 208V
A41954712       EPX500NE MCM 3/8
A41954412       EPX500NE TEL TIM 3/8 208V
RB_IPX500A      IPX500A 3ph 380V PFPE

G55120050000    GXS160/1750F LV LO RE CA 
G5F150350000    GXS450/2600F HV MD RE CA 
NRA308000       GV80 PFPE 60Hz DRY PUMP
A70411995       GV160 208V 60Hz 
A70212916       GV80 Drystar Pump 380/415V 50Hz 
A70212995       GV80 Drystar Pump 230/460V 60Hz 
NR8030000       GV80 380-415V 50Hz 
A70761908       GV400 Pump Only 460V 3ph 60Hz 
A70574908       GV600M Dry Pump 460V 3ph 60Hz

We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these pumps.

Cryopumps & Compressors



Click the button to request for quote CTI Cryogenics cryopumps and compressors.

CTI On-Board IS    CTI On-Board    CTI Cryo-Torr    CTI Waterpumps    CTI Compressors

RB_9700              9700 

Many configurations of the popular cryopumps and compressors can be delivered within three business days. Please let us know the OEM part number or fill out our request for quote form and we will confirm this lead time.

We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these pumps.

Rotary Vane Pumps



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140001	        TRIVAC D2,5E G H W Mot 20015417
140081	        TRIVAC D4B 1ph Dual-Voltage-Motor
RB_D8B	        TRIVAC D8B 1ph, 115-230V, PFPE
11256	        TRIVAC D8B 3ph MOTOR 6508538
91256-2	        TRIVAC D8B (MV/F-3PH) -1HP
11333	        TRIVAC D16B Ester oil 3ph Mot 6506939
91265-1	        TRIVAC D16B (115-MV/F-1PH) -3/4 H
91266-2	        TRIVAC D16B (MV/F-3PH) -1HP
898199	        TRIVAC D16B MV/F-3PH, HE200-FOR ASP
RB_D25B	        TRIVAC D25B 3ph, 200-415V, hydro
RB_D25BCS	    TRIVAC D25BCS 3ph, hydro
11379	        TRIVAC D25BCS PFPE 3ph MOT 6506939
140196	        TRIVAC TI25B FC-motor 90V-264V
11406	        TRIVAC D16B DOT4 3ph MOT 6506939
RB_D40B	        TRIVAC D40B 3ph, 200-460V, hydro
898696US	TRIVAC D40B
RB_D60A         TRIVAC D60A 3ph, 200-460V, hydro
RB_D60A         TRIVAC D60A 3ph, 208V, hydro
11296	        TRIVAC D65B 3-Mot 6506961
11296V01        TRIVAC D65B DOT4 MV/F 3ph
91398-2	        TRIVAC D65BCS (MV/F-3ph) HE200-3HP
170122	        TRIVAC D65BCS CFS PFPE N2 PURGE
91399	        TRIVAC D65BCS USF PFPE like a 170122 W/O acc. 
960186V	        SOGEVAC SV16D 1PH-WORLD GB
RB_D25B         TRIVAC D25B
960261V3001	SOGEVAC SV25B USA-Ester oil-FAN
960257	        SOGEVAC SV25B 230V-50/60Hz - NPT
960331V3009	SOGEVAC SV40Bi 1ph OEM variant
960465V3002	SOGEVAC SV65Bi FC-LVO200-PTFE-US
10926	        SOGEVAC SV200 Euro w/o gas ballast valve
RB_SV300        SOGEVAC SV300 3ph, 200-460V, hydro
RB_SV630	    SOGEVAC SV630 3ph, 230-460V, hydro



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A65201906       RV3 115V 1ph 50/60Hz
A65201903       RV3 115/240V 1ph 50/60Hz
A65301904       RV5 100/200V 50/60Hz Japan
A65301904       RV5 100/200V 50/60Hz Japan
A65401903       RV8 115/240V 1ph 50/60Hz
A37131919       E2M0.7 220-240V 50/60Hz
A37142902       E2M0.7 100-120V 1ph 50/60Hz IEC
A37142919       E2M0.7 200-230V 1ph 50/60Hz IEC
A37142919       E2M0.7 200-230V 1ph 50/60Hz IEC Mic
A37124902       Agilent E2M1.5 115V
A37132902       E2M1.5 100-120V 50/60Hz IEC
A37132919       E2M1.5 200-230V 50/60Hz IEC
A34317984       E1M18 115V/200-230V 50/60Hz
A34324930       E1M18 230V
A34315903       E1M18 220-240V 1ph 50/60Hz 
A34316903       E1M18 230V 1ph 50/60Hz Amp 
A34317984       ElM18 115V/200-230V 50/60Hz 
A34324904       E1M18 100/200V 50/60Hz
A36302980       E2M18 115/230V 50/60Hz
A36310940       E2M18 UNIVERSAL 3ph
A36315904       E2M18 100/200V 1121 50/60Hz 
A36324904       E2M18 HP 100/200V 50/60Hz 1ph 
A36324930       E2M18 220/240V 50/60HZ 1ph 
A36325904       E2M18FF 100/200V 1ph 50/60Hz
A37310940       E2M28 UNIVERSAL 3ph
A37324904       E2M28 100/200V 50/60Hz lph
RB_E2M30        E2M30
RB_E2M28        E2M28/30_1ph_dual
A37401982       E2M30 230/460V 3ph 60Hz
A37415981       E2M30 115-230V 1ph 60Hz
RB_E2M40        E2M40
A36402982       E2M40 230/460V 3ph 60Hz
A36412982       E2M40 Fomblin 230/460V 3ph 60Hz
A34703982       E1M275 230/460V 3ph 60Hz 
A36703982       E2M275 230/460V 3ph 60Hz



Click the button to request for quote Agilent Varian or Adixen rotary vane vacuum pumps.

RB_HS602        Agilent Varian HS 602
RB_CP451        Agilent Varian CP 451
RB_2021I        Adixen 2021i
RB_1400         Welch 1400

We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these pumps.

 Blowers & Piston Pumps



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89509	        E250 USA 460V 60Hz  PISTON VACUUM P
11723           RUVAC WSU 251
11731           RUVAC WAU 501
91731	        RUVAC WAU 501 US
91733	        RUVAC WSU 501 US
155205V	        RUVAC WH 700 Ester oil, 400V, for ext. FC
155209V	        RUVAC WH 700 PFPE, 200V, for ext. FU
91741V001	RUVAC WAU 1001H/B2-MV/F/3PH-HE200
RB_WSU1001      RUVAC WSU 1001 3ph, 200-460V, hydro
RB_WSU1001      RUVAC WSU 1001 3ph, 200-460V, hydro
11743	        RUVAC WSU 1001/B2/100 ISO-K
167043	        RUVAC WSU 1001H Horizontal
11741	        RUVAC WAU 1001
10183	        RUVAC WS 1001, waager. Förderr. Ande.555
155288V	        RUVAC WHU 2500  GS LVO 210
155154V	        RUVAC WH 4400 18kW, HD
155158V	        RUVAC WHU 4400 18,5KW GS 555
155163V	        RUVAC WH 7000 18KW Ester oil cl. Impeller 



Click the button to request for quote Edwards Stokes or AERZEN vacuum blowers and piston pumps.

A30152946       EH250IN D 460V 60Hz
A30272946       EH500IN D 208-230/460V 60Hz
A30506946       EH1200 H C IE3 US 60Hz 
A30591936       EH1200H 208-460V 3ph 60Hz
A30151935       EH250 220-415V
A30151945       EH250IND Booster 230/380-415V 3ph 50Hz 
A30590935       EH1200H 220-415V 3ph 50Hz
A30591936       EH12001ND Booster 208-230/460 3ph 60Hz 
A30593936       EH1200FX 208-460V 3ph 60Hz 
A30756982       EH2600C 15Hp 230/460V 3121 60Hz 
A30753935       EH2600FX 380-415V 3ph 50Hz llkW
A30286905       QMB500FX Mechanical Booster 60Hz 
A30186905       QMB250FX 60Hz
A30286905       QMB500FX Mechanical Booster 208V 60Hz
A30586905       QMB1200FX 200-460V 3ph 50/60Hz
NRA338000       HMB2400 AC WITH PRV
A30585905       QMB1200FX Mechanical Booster 50Hz 
A30586905       QMB1200 60Hz 
900-607-MHX     607-MHX HORIZ BLOWER
900-306-042     Stokes HV Blower 306-042H Oxy 
900-618-SVR     Stokes HV Blower 618-SVR V 
900-013-241     MICROVANE 013-241 
900-017-004     MICROVANE 017-004 
900-306-401     306-401 VERT BLOWER
900-306-002     306-2 Horizontal Flow Blower 
900-615-MVR     615 Vertical Mechanical Seal Blower 
900-618-SH      615 Bp 5 Mech Seal Blower Horz 
900-618-MHR     STOKES HV BLOWER 618-MH 
900-622-MHR     622 Horizontal Mechanical Seal Blower 
900-009-002     MICROVANE 009-002 
900-148-0l0     MICROVAC 148-010H 
900-412-0ll     MICROVAC 412-011H 
900-412-014     MICROVAC 412J 460V 60Hz 
900-612-030     MICROVAC 612-030H

RB_GMB15.10     AERZEN GMB 15.10 hydro 

We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these pumps.




Many configurations of the popular chillers can be delivered within the week. Click the RFQ button for a Dimplex Thermal Solutions chiller and we will give you a lead time.

800774	        SVI-2001-M  30,000 BTU/HR
800136          SVI-10000-M  120,000 BTU/HR
800132	        SVI-7500-M  990,000 BTU/HR
800125	        SVI-5000-M  67,800 BTU/HR  
800138	        SVI-3000-M  36,000 BTU/HR
800359	        JHI-500-M  5,300 BTU/HR
801306          WWI-501-CE-M 4,300 BTU/HR
801309          DVI-15001-M 180,000 BTU/HR
801309          SVI-15000-M 180,000 BTU/HR
800126          SVI-10000-M 120,000 BTU/HR