Ready to Go List

Vacuum Pumps Ready To Go! PTB Sales, Inc.

We provide updated lists of equipment that are rebuilt and ready to ship.

The pumps have been built as they are commonly ordered. Contact us if you need a different configuration.

These are popular items and there are a number lined-up for refurbishment. If your model is not currently listed then call to see where the next one is in line.


Leybold Turbo Pumps & Controllers

                TURBOVAC 50  DN 63 CF
                TURBOVAC TW 70 H  DN 63 CF RS 232
RB_SL80         TURBOVAC SL 80  4.5" OD CF  Part # 800002V3002
RB_90I          TURBOVAC 90 i  DN 63 ISO-K  Part # 810031V1000
85632           TURBOVAC 151  DN 100 CF water
                TURBOVAC TW 220/150  24V - Purge DI / D-SHAPE
                TURBOVAC TW 250/200/40  TI / cartridge
                TURBOVAC TW 250 S  w/ TDS
                TURBOVAC TW 290/20/20  UHV
                TURBOVAC MAG W 300 P  DN 100 ISO-K
                TURBOVAC 350 i  DN 100 ISO-K
                TURBOVAC 350 iX  DN 100 CF & ISO-K RS 485
	        TURBOVAC 361  SCIEX DN 100 ISO-K, DN 160 ISO-K, DN 100 CF
RB_361C         TURBOVAC 361 C  DN 100 ISO-K
                TURBOVAC TW 400/300  TD 400 RS 485
	        TURBOVAC TW 400/300/25  cartridge w/ purge vent
                TURBOVAC 450 i  DN 160 ISO-K
                TURBOVAC 450 iX  DN 160 ISO-K RS 485
RB_600C         TURBOVAC 600 C  DN 160 ISO-K
                TURBOVAC TW 701  DN 160 ISO-K	         
RB_1000C        TURBOVAC 1000 C  DN 200 CF, DN 250 ISO-K
RB_1100C        TURBOVAC 1100 C  DN 160 ISO-K, DN 200 ISO-K
RB_MAGW1300C    TURBOVAC MAG W 1300 C  DN 200 ISO-F  Part # 400110V011
RB_T1600        TURBOVAC T 1600  DN 250 ISO-F  Part # 800040V1444
411600V0704	TURBOVAC MAG W 1600 iPL  DN 250 ISO-F
RB_MAG2000CT    TURBOVAC MAG W 2000 CT  DN 250 ISO-F  Part # 89431
                TURBOVAC MAG W 2200 C  DN 200 & 250 ISO-F
                TURBOTRONIK NT 20  controller 120V & 220V
RB_NT340M       TURBOTRONIK 340 M  controller
                TURBOTRONIK NT 150/360  controller
RB_NT151/361    TURBOTRONIK NT 151/361  controller
85472-6         TURBOTRONIK NT 361  controller 115V
                TURBO.DRIVE TD 400  w/ USB
RB_MDDIGITAL    MAG.DRIVE digital  controller x11
                MAG.DRIVE 2000  controller
                MAG.DRIVE iM  controller


Edwards Turbo Pumps & Controllers

NEW_STPA1303CV  STP-A1303CV  DN 200 ISO-F  Part # YT36-B0-100
RB_STPA1303CV   STP-A1303CV  DN 200 ISO-K
RB_STPA2203C    STP-A2203C  DN 250 ISO-F
YT631Z000       STP-iXA2205C  DN 250 ISO-F
YT630Z000       STP-iXA2205CP  DN 250 ISO-F
NEW_STPIXA2206C STP-iXA2206C  VG 250  Part # YT81-0Z-020
RB_STPXH2603P   STP-XH2603P  VG 250
YT771Z050       STP-iXA3305C  DN 250 ISO-F
                STP-iXA3306CV  DN 320 ISO-F
                EXC 300M  controller      
B75601991       EXT200/200H  24V
B76053991       EXT400/200/30iPX  interstage cartridge
                nEXT240D  ISO-100 160W
NEW_NEXT300T    nEXT300T  B90 ISO-100 fine  Part # B823-21-103R
RB_NEXT400D     nEXT400D  ISO-160
RB_SCU301       SCU-301  controller
RB_SCU451       SCU-451  controller
RB_SCUH301      SCU-H301  controller
RB_SCU603C      SCU-603C  controller
RB_SCU800       SCU-800  controller
RB_SCU1003C     SCU-1003C  controller
RB_SCU1500      SCU-1500  controller
RB_SCUA2203C    SCU-A2203C  controller
RB_SCUXH2603P   SCU-XH2603P  controller


Agilent Varian Turbo Pumps & Controllers

RB_TV70D        Turbo-V 70D  ISO-63
RB_TV70         Turbo-V 70  controller
RB_TV81M        Turbo-V 81M  ISO-63  Part # 969-8901
RB_TV81AG       Turbo-V 81AG  controller
RB_TV150HT      Turbo-V 150HT  controller
RB_TV250        Turbo-V 250  ISO-100
RB_TV250        Turbo-V 250  brick controller
RB_TV301AG      Turbo-V 301AG  controller
RB_TV550        Turbo-V 550  controller
RB_TV551        Turbo-V 551  ISO-160  Part # 969-8922
RB_TV801NAV     Turbo-V 801 NAV  controller
RB_TV1000HT     Turbo-V 1000 HT  controller
                Turbo-V 1800  controller


Adixen Alcatel Turbo Pumps & Controllers

RB_MDP5030      MDP 5030
RB_CFF450       CFF 450  controller 220V
                ACT 600T  controller
                ACT 1300M  controller


Pfeiffer Balzers Turbo Pumps & Controllers

                TCP 015  controller
                TC 100  controller
                TCP 121  controller
RB_SF3103P      SplitFlow 310 3P  w/ TC 400 controller  Part # PM P04 557
RB_DCU200       DCU 200  controller
RB_TCP300       TCP 300  controller
                TCP 380  controller
                TCP 600  controller
RB_TC600        TC 600  controller
RB_HIPACE700    HiPace 700  w/ TC 400 controller  DN 160 ISO-K  Part # PM P03 933


EBARA Turbo Pumps & Controllers

RB_305W         305W  controller


We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these turbo pumps and controllers.


Adixen Alcatel Dry Pumps

RB_A103P        A 103 P  iPUP 3-phase 200-230V


ANEST IWATA Dry Scroll Pumps

RB_ISP500       ISP-500  3-phase 230V


Agilent Varian Dry Scroll Pumps

RB_PTS300       TriScroll PTS 300  1-phase 100-230V
RB_PTS600       TriScroll PTS 600  single-phase 110V
RB_PTS600       TriScroll PTS 600  three-phase 190-460V


Leybold Dry Pumps

112045V15       DRYVAC DV 450
112065V16       DRYVAC DV 650 S  special par. fast ramp
112065V30-1     DRYVAC DV 650 C


Edwards Dry & Dry Scroll Pumps

RB_NXDS6I       nXDS6i  1-phase 100-240V
RB_XDS35I       XDS35i  1-phase 110V
RB_IQDP40       iQDP40  3-phase 200-460V PFPE
RB_QDP40        QDP40  3-phase 208V PFPE
RB_IL70         iL70  3-phase 208V PFPE
RB_IH80         iH80  3-phase 230V PFPE
RB_IH600        iH600  3-phase 208V & 230V PFPE
RB_IQDP80       iQDP80  3-phase 208V PFPE
RB_QDP80        QDP80  3-phase 200-460V PFPE
RB_IPX500A      IPX500A  3-phase 380V PFPE
RB_GV80         GV80  3-phase 208-230/460V PFPE
RB_GXS160F      GXS160F  3-phase 460V PFPE
RB_GXS250F      GXS250F  3-phase 208V PFPE 


EBARA Dry Pumps

RB_ESR20N       ESR20N  3-phase 200-230V PFPE
RB_ESR80WN      ESR80WN  3-phase 200-230V PFPE


We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these dry pumps.


CTI Cryogenics Cryopumps & Compressors

CTI On-Board IS    CTI On-Board    CTI Cryo-Torr    CTI Waterpumps    CTI Compressors


Many configurations of the popular cryopumps and compressors can be delivered within three business days. Please let us know the OEM part number or fill out our request for quote form and we will confirm this lead time.

We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these cryopumps and compressors.


Agilent Varian Diffusion Pumps

RB_VHS400       VHS-400  380V 4,400 watts


Leybold Diffusion Pumps

500882	        DIP 20000  3-phase 460V
22227V001	DIJ 20  460V Y Plug


We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these diffusion pumps.


Leybold Rotary Vane Pumps

RB_D8B          TRIVAC D8B  1-phase 115V PFPE
RB_D16B         TRIVAC D16B  1-phase 110-230V hydrocarbon
RB_D25B         TRIVAC D25B  3-phase 115V PFPE
                TRIVAC TI25B  FC-motor 90-264V
RB_D40BCS       TRIVAC D40BCS  3-phase 230V PFPE
RB_D65B         TRIVAC D65B  3-phase 200-460V PFPE
RB_D65BCS       TRIVAC D65BCS  3-phase 480V PFPE
960186V1705     SOGEVAC SV16D  1-phase WORLD GB ester oil
                SOGEVAC SV25B  USA 115V GB NPT
960273          SOGEVAC SV28Bi  3-phase W/W GB 1.5 L
RB_SV40         SOGEVAC SV40  3-phase 200-460V hydrocarbon
RB_SV40B        SOGEVAC SV40B  3-phase hydrocarbon
RB_SV40BI	SOGEVAC SV40Bi  3-phase 230V hydrocarbon
RB_SV65BI       SOGEVAC SV65Bi  3-phase 230V hydrocarbon
                SOGEVAC SV65BiFC  LVO 200 PTFE & LVO 700 FKM
RB_SV100        SOGEVAC SV100  3-phase 460V hydrocarbon
960755V         SOGEVAC SV570B  air cooled USA  
RB_SV630B       SOGEVAC SV630B  3-phase 230-460V hydrocarbon


Edwards Rotary Vane Pumps

RB_RV3          RV3  1-phase 115V PFPE
RB_RV5          RV5  1-phase 115V PFPE
RB_RV12         RV12  1-phase 110V hydrocarbon & 115V PFPE
RB_E1M18        E1M18  1-phase 110-240V PFPE
RB_E2M28        E2M28  1-phase 208-240V PFPE
RB_E2M40        E2M40  3-phase 208-460V PFPE
RB_E2M80        E2M80  3-phase 208-460V PFPE


Adixen Alcatel Rotary Vane Pumps

RB_2021I        2021i  1-phase 115V PFPE
RB_2063C        2063C  3-phase 230V PFPE
RB_2063SD       2063SD  3-phase 220-480V hydrocarbon


Welch Rotary Vane Pumps

RB_1397         1397  1-phase 115-230V hydrocarbon
RB_1402         1402  1-phase 115-230V hydrocarbon


Elmo Rietschle Rotary Vane Pumps

RB_GPR202       GlobalVac GPR-202  3-phase 190-460V hydrocarbon


We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these rotary vane pumps.


Leybold Blowers

RB_WSU151       RUVAC WSU 151  3-phase 220-380V PFPE
RB_WSU251       RUVAC WSU 251  3-phase 230-400V PFPE
                RUTA WSU 251 / SV 200  system
RB_WSU501       RUVAC WSU 501  3-phase 230-400V PFPE
155207V         RUVAC WH 700  400V PFPE
                RUVAC WA 1001
                RUVAC WS 2001  400V ester oil 100 Hz
RB_WH7000       RUVAC WH 7000  3-phase 400-460V PFPE


Edwards Stokes Blowers

RB_EH250        EH-250  3-phase 230V PFPE
RB_QMB250       QMB-250  3-phase 230V & 200-460V PFPE
RB_EH500        EH-500  3-phase 220-240V PFPE
RB_QMB500       QMB-500  3-phase 200-460V PFPE
RB_EH1200       EH-1200  3-phase 480V PFPE
RB_QMB1200      QMB-1200  3-phase 200-460V PFPE
RB_EH2600       EH-2600  3-phase 208-460V PFPE
RB_310          Stokes 310  horizontal flow 3-phase 208-460V hydrocarbon
RB_615          Stokes 615  hydrocarbon


We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these blowers.


Leybold Piston Pumps

RB_E250         E 250  3-phase 230-460V hydrocarbon


Edwards Stokes Piston Pumps

RB_412H11       MICROVAC 412H-11  3-phase 230-460V hydrocarbon


Tuthill Kinney Piston Pumps

RB_KT300D       KT300D  3-phase 208-230/460V hydrocarbon


We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these piston pumps.


Adixen Alcatel & Leybold INFICON Leak Detectors

RB_ASM142       Alcatel ASM 142
RB_ASM180t      Alcatel ASM 180 t
RB_UL200        INFICON UL 200


We also provide REPAIR SERVICE for these leak detectors.


Dimplex Thermal Solutions Chillers

800057	        JHI-180-MM  2,100 btu/hr
800059          JHI-1000-M  12,000 btu/hr
800392	        JHI-1500-M  18,000 btu/hr
800132	        SVI-3000-M  36,000 btu/hr
800124	        SVI-5000-M  60,000 btu/hr
800125	        SVI-5000-M  67,800 btu/hr
800136	        SVI-10000-M  120,000 btu/hr


Vacuum Pumps Ready To Go! PTB Sales, Inc.