Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps - REPAIR SERVICE

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Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps - PTB Sales, Inc.

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Working closely with our customers, suppliers and OEM partners, PTB Sales has developed robust vacuum pump rebuild service procedures for dry scroll pumps to ensure that our refurbishment meets or exceeds OEM specifications. We’ve also developed a preventative maintenance and service audit program to help our customers extend the life of their repaired dry scroll pumps.

PTB Sales will perform the following:

1. Incoming Inspection

  • Attach work order to pump
  • Picture taken of mechanical configuration

2. Receipt and Inspection

  • Complete decontamination of internal and external parts
  • Hazardous materials disposed in accordance with environmental regulations
  • Motor Test

3. All parts are inspected and cleaned

  • High pressure parts washer as required
  • Corncobb blaster

4. Parts are dimensionally evaluated and customer advised need for replacement

  • Crank pins
  • OS
  • FS1 or FS2 plate

5. Rebuild

  • Diagnostic check of motor
  • Replace OS bearings
  • Replace shaft seals
  • Replace crank pilot bearings
  • Replace tip seals
  • All O-rings replaced with new

6. Final Test

  • 24 hour burn in of tip seals
  • Re-torque / re-grease
  • Final test – (Verify ultimate pressure and current)

7. Packaging and Shipping

  • Paint pump
  • Apply all safety and startup labels
  • Test reported completed
  • QC report created
  • Package pump and ship