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Manufacturer Part Number: 9400110009
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USED SEREN IPS Industrial Power Systems AT20 RF Automatic Matching Network

SEREN AT Series matching networks components are conservatively rated for continuous duty. Dependent upon plasma impedance, configuration of "L", inverted “L”, "PI" and "T" are available, to accommodate a wide range of impedances and applications. Both configurations feature low losses and wide tuning ranges.

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Rated power AT20 (nominal) 2,000 Watts - not to exceed 55 amps @ 6KV
Frequency 1.7 - 40.68 MHz
Cooling Water - 5 GPH
RF input connector (model type & power dependant)     Type "N", "HN", 7/16 DIN Female
RF output connection Stud, strap, hard line, compression
Control connector 15 pin Female D?Sub
Probe(s) DC standard, optional: peak RF, current
Compliance, safety CE
Dimensions - (L,W,H) 13.13" x 13.38" x 6.00" (33.35 x 33.98 x 15.24 cm)
Weight 20 lbs (9.07 kg)
Control cable, 12' 9100000144
DC probe/preset cable, 2' 9100050024

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USED SEREN IPS Industrial Power Systems AT20 RF Automatic Matching Network

PART NO.: 9400110002 — 2 kW at 2 MHz
PART NO.: 9400110003 — 2 kW at 2 MHz
PART NO.: 9400110006 — 2 kW at 1.8 MHz
PART NO.: 9400110009 — 2 kW at 2 MHz
PART NO.: 9400110019 — 2 kW at 13.56 MHz
PART NO.: 9400110048 — 2 kW at 13.56 MHz