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Sumitomo Heavy Industries SHI SICERA® KZ-8L3S

Sumitomo Heavy Industries SHI SICERA® KZ-8L3S, part # KZ-08L3S2-04

SICERA® is an abbreviation of the Sumitomo Inverter-integrated cryopump, which has an energy reduction advantage and the following features:

  • Multiple pump system for which individualized control - Up to eleven 8-inch pump units can be operated with a single compressor.
  • High reliability - The refrigerators for cryopumps have excellent track records.
  • High energy saving effects - Reduction rate compared with our conventional products: -40%: 10.3kW -> 6.1kW (when eight 8-inch pumps are operated) *The above figures are for reference only. It varies depending on the conditions of use.
  • Ar gas occlusion volume - Double the volume compared with our conventional products: 1,000 liters -> 2,000 liters for the 8-inch type

PTB has added significant technical capabilities in Engineering. We continue to add to the models we service. No other independent vacuum equipment and service company has this level of vacuum technology expertise!

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