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Shimadzu TMP-1503LMC - REBUILT

Price: $10,000.00
Shimadzu TMP-1503LMC - REBUILT
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Shimadzu TMP-1503LMC - REBUILT

Shimadzu TMP-1503LMC Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

This Shimadzu TMP-1503LMC high pumping throughput molecular pump is clean but appears the rotor speed sensor is failing. View our inventory of Shimadzu turbo pumps.

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Turbomolecular pump TMP-1503LM TMP-1503LMC
Inlet flange VG250 / ICF305 / ISO250B
Outlet flange KF40
Cooling method Water
Ultimate pressure (after baking) 10-8 Pa order 10-7 Pa order
Maximum allowable Argon gas flow rate 500 mL/min
(Note 2)
800 mL/min
Maximum allowable inlet pressure
(N2 continuous exhaust)
133 Pa
Maximum allowable outlet pressure 270 Pa
Pumping speed N2 1,500 L/s
He 1,200 L/s
H2 800 L/s
Compression ratio N2 6 x 108
He 1 x 104
H2 1 x 103
Rated speed 30,300 rpm
Start-up time 7 minutes or less
Mounting position In any desired direction
Bake-out temperature at an inlet flange 120°C or less
Vibration level (by Shimadzu's method) 0.01 µm or less (0-peak)
Recommended flow rate of purge gas 20 to 30 mL/min (Note 3)
Recommended pumping speed of backing pump in case of gas purge 600 L/min or more
Environmental Temperatures 0 to 40°C
Admissible ambient magnetic field Radial direction 3 mT
Axial direction 15 mT
Water Flow rate 1 to 3 L/min
Pressure 0.2 to 0.5 MPa
Temperature 5 to 30°C
Mass 42 kg

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Shimadzu TMP-1503LMC Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT