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Shimadzu TMP-3203LMC Turbo Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: TMP-3203LMC-A1
Shimadzu TMP-3203LMC Turbo Vacuum Pump - REBUILT
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Shimadzu TMP-3203LMC Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

This Shimadzu TMP-3203LMC high pumping throughput molecular pump includes a controller and cable, and a one year warranty. View our inventory of Shimadzu turbo pumps.

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Specifications TMP-3203LMC
Rotor coating Coated
Cooling method Water cooled
Ultimate pressure (after baking) Pa
10-8 order
(10-10 order)
Maximum inlet pressure Pa
(0.3 Torr)
Maximum outlet pressure Pa
(2 Torr)
Pumping speed N2
3,200 L/s
3,000 L/s
2,400 L/s
Compression ratio N2
109 or higher
3 × 105
1 × 104
Rated rotation speed 21,000 rpm
Startup time 13 minutes
Direction of installation Arbitrary
Baking temperature of pump inlet 120°C or lower
Vibration, measured by the Shimadzu method Less than 0.01 ?m
Weight 70 kg
Recommended purge gas flow rate 20 - 30 mL/min
Recommended pumping speed of backing vacuum pump during gas purging     1,500 L/min. or higher
Operational ambient temperature range 0 - 40°C
Allowable magnetic flux density
Radial directions
Axial directions
3 mT
15 mT
Applicable power supply model EI-D3203M

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Shimadzu TMP-3203LMC Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

TMP-3203M (Air cooled type) 
262-78430-62 2627843062  VG350
262-78430-63 2627843063  ISO320B Special
262-78430-67 2627843067  VG300
262-78430-68 2627843068  VG250

TMP-3203MC (Air cooled chemical type) 
262-78430-72 2627843072  VG350
262-78430-73 2627843073  ISO320B Special
262-78430-77 2627843077  VG300
262-78430-78 2627843078  VG250

TMP-3203LM (Wide range type) 
262-78430-42 2627843042  VG350
262-78430-43 2627843043  ISO320B Special
262-78430-47 2627843047  VG300
262-78430-48 2627843048  VG250

TMP-3203LMC (Wide range chemical type)
262-78430-52 2627843052  VG350
262-78430-53 2627843053  ISO320B Special
262-78430-57 2627843057  VG300
262-78430-58 2627843058  VG250