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Shimadzu TMP-4304LMTC - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: TMP-4304LMTC-A1
Shimadzu TMP-4304LMTC - REBUILT
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Shimadzu TMP-4304LMTC - REBUILT

Shimadzu TMP-4304LMTC Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump  - REBUILT

• Maximum pumping flowrate High pumping throughput is achieved with a compact body.

• Excellent corrosion resistance Resistant to corrosive gas because dispersed plating is used on the rotor (TMP-4203LMC, TMP-3403LMC). Dispersed plating with an excellent heat release characteristic prevents overheat of the rotor caused by high pumping throughput. The surface of the rotor of the TMP-2203LMC and TMP-1303LMC is nickel-plated to protect against corrosive gas

• Compact power supply unit 49 % smaller and 50 % lighter as compared to Shimadzu's previous models High Pumping Throughput Type

• Measures against reaction products (optional) Adding a function for controlling the heater and cooling water to the pump allows it to be kept at a high temperature and prevents the accumulation of reaction products inside it. The temperature controller is built into the compact power supply unit.

• Various monitoring functions LCD on the front panel displays the current, pumping speed, unbalance amount, errors, and other information. Equipped with a maintenance call timer. Equipped with a RS-232C port on the front panel so that operation information can be loaded on a computer while the pump is operating. You can find abnormalities (increase of back pressure due to an adhered reaction product, etc.) in early stages if you compare the condition with the normal condition. This helps to protect the system from problems and keep it in good condition.

• Network connection enabled Equipped with RS-232C and RS-485 compliant serial communication ports, which enables operations to start/stop pumps, monitor operation status, and load operation history. Up to 32 pumps can be monitored using a single computer. Using optional monitor software, multiple pumps can be monitored simultaneously.

• Variable pump speed The pump speed can be set within a range from 25 to 100 % to adjust the pump's throughput. Speed setting can be applied to the adjustment of chamber pressure. Conductance valves can be reduced when used under given conditions. • Reduced power consumption

• Compliant with major standards CE marking, TÜV NRTL (UL61010A-1) SEMI S2 SEMI F47 SEMI E74 • Tuning-free Readjustment of the power supply unit is unnecessary during pump cable replacement.

• Battery-less In the case of a power failure, magnetic levitation is maintained using regenerated power, thus reducing wear of the touchdown bearing.

We can sell pairs: e.g., Shimadzu Vacuum Precision Instruments TMP-3403 and EI-3403M; TMP-4203 and EI-4203MZ.

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Inlet flange VG350
Outlet port KF40
Cooling method Water
Ultimate pressure (after baking) 10-7 Pa order
Maximum allowable Argon gas flow rate 2,200 mL/min
Maximum allowable inlet pressure 40 Pa
Maximum allowable outlet pressure 270 Pa
Pumping speed
    N2 4,400 L/s
    Ar 4,200 L/s
    H2 2,600 L/s
Compression ratio
    N2 1 × 109 or more
    He 3 × 104
    H2 2 × 103
Rated speed 24,000 rpm
Start-up time 18 minutes or less
Mounting position In any desired direction
Vibration level (by Shimadzu's method) 0.01 µm or less (0-peak)
Recommended flow rate of purge gas 30 mL/min
Recommended pumping speed of backing pump in case of gas purge     1,500 L/min or more
Environmental Temperatures 0 to 40 degrees C
Admissible ambient magnetic field
Radial direction 3 mT
Axial direction 15 mT
    Flow rate 2 to 4 L/min
    Pressure 0.2 to 0.5 MPa
    Temperature 5 to 25 degrees C.
Mass 105 kg

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Shimadzu TMP-4304LMTC Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT