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GreenChip Surplus Inventory Acquisition

Surplus Inventory Acquisition

We are interested in Used Vacuum Pumps and other vacuum related equipment.  PTB will buy by the lot or individual component.  Surplus Vacuum Pumps and other critical componenets used in semiconductor, optical, led and coating equipment and related industries are of interest to us. We have experience with the following manufacturers and others of this type:

In particular right now:

  • Advanced Energy: PDX-1400, RFG 3001, 3002, MDX-L, VHF 2060, auto matches
  • Adixen / Alcatel MDP, ATH 1300M, ACT turbos, ADP122P
  • Comdel CX-600S, CX1250S
  • CTI Cryogenics On-Board cryopumps and compressors
  • EBARA ESR dry pumps, ET turbo pumps
  • Edwards iH-1000
  • ENI NOVA-50, RPG-100
  • Leybold TMP-361, TMP-1000C turbo pumps, UL200
  • Neslab HX chillers
  • Pfeiffer TPH-262, 521P, TPU-1201P, TMH-1600PC, 2201
  • RFPP 5S, 10S power supplies
  • Seiko Seiki STP-A1303C, 1003C
  • SMC INR-498-043 chiller
  • Stokes 615 blower, vacuum pumps
  • Agilent / Varian 1001 turbo pump, HS-20 diffusion pump, VS leak detectors

In general we rebuild and stock components for these systems:

  • Applied Materials / AMAT
  • Balzers / Pfeiffer
  • Brooks
  • Leybold
  • Edwards Vacuum
  • Lam
  • Novellus
  • Plasma-Therm
  • Temescal
  • Veeco

Contact us to see how we might help you manage your inventory and spare parts.