VAT Throttle Control Vacuum Valves - REPAIR SERVICE

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Vacuum Throttle Valve Repair Service    
Series     Valve Description
612 Butterfly valve control system     for pressure control, integrated controller
615 Butterfly valve control system for pressure control & isolation, integrated controller
64 Gate valve control system for pressure control & isolation, stainless steel
95 Combo control valve control & isolation valve in one body


Scope of Work

PTB Sales will perform the following:

  • External Inspection
    • Verify correct valve per order
    • Any missing external parts identified
    • Check for external damage and scratched flanges
    • Note any missing solenoids or other accessories
    • Preliminary operation check
  • Disassembly & Inspection
    • Complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of internal parts and valve body
    • Sealing surfaces checked for smoothness
    • Required new parts identified
  • Assembly
    • Sealing surfaces repaired as necessary
    • Valve assembled with new gate and bonnet seals and required new parts
  • Testing
    • Valve operated through several cycles and adjusted as required
    • Helium leak test to verify no leaks
  • Final Inspection
    • Valve appearance checked
    • Correct valve configuration per order confirmed
    • Package valve and ship

We stock and provide repair service for VAT throttle control valves.

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