VAT Wafer Transfer Vacuum Valves - REPAIR SERVICE

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Series SEMI Valve Description
02/03 Transfer valve / insert MONOVAT for 200 / 300 / 450 mm wafer sizes
04/05 Transfer valve / insert L-VAT for corrosive semiconductor processes
075 Atmospheric door L-VAT for loadlock applications
Series FPD & PV Valve Description
024 Large transfer valve MONOVAT for FPD and PV production systems
060 Transfer valve XL-VAT for FPD production systems
066 Transfer valve / insert / door SolVAT for PV production systems
075/8 Large door L-VAT for FPD and PV production systems

We stock and provide repair service for VAT wafer transfer valves.

Pneumatic Actuator
02209-BA24 02209-BE24 02209-AA24 02209-AE24
02210-BA24 02210-BE24 02210-AA24 02210-AE24
02212-BA24 02212-BE24 02212-AA24 02212-AE24
02213-BA24 02213-BE24 02213-AA24 02213-AE24
03209-CA24 03209-CE24 03210-CA24 03210-CE24
03212-CA24 03212-CE24 03213-CA24 03213-CE24
04110-BA24 04112-BA24 05110-LA24 05112-LA24
07510-UA24 07510-VA24 07512-UA24 07512-VA24
07510-UE24 07510-VE24 07512-UE24 07512-VE24