Turbo Pumps & Controllers - REPAIR SERVICE

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PTB Sales provides vacuum pump refurbishment service for turbomolecular pumps across multiple OEM lines affording our customers support for the wide variety of turbos in their installed base.

We sell rebuilt vacuum pumps that are assembled and tested utilizing electronically controlled work instructions and test procedures and certified to meet or exceed the OEM's specifications. Each turbopump undergoes a "state of the art" proprietary balancing procedure and is subjected to rigorous quality inspections.

PTB Sales will perform the following:

  • Diagnostic check of:
    • Motor
    • Electronic sensors
    • Electromagnets (MagLev)
  • Dimensional and visual inspections off all critical mechanical components and stress points
  • All stainless steel bolts replaced with NEW
  • All seals replaced
  • All O-rings replaced
  • Bearings replaced with OEM specified bearings
  • Motor balancing to meet or exceed OEM specification – PTB has developed a proprietary method for balancing
  • Fine tuning and levitation adjustment (MagLev)
  • Levitation test (MagLev)
  • Vibration analysis
  • Rotational speed verified
  • Ultimate vacuum verified
  • Leak check to 6.5 x 10-8 Torr
  • Extended testing in customer specific configuration
  • Picture taken of turbopump’s mechanical configuration
  • Verification of model and serial number
  • Test data sheet generated