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VAT 24328-KA81 KF-25

Manufacturer Part Number: 24238-KA81
Price: $425.00
VAT 24328-KA81 KF-25
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VAT 24328-KA81 KF-25

VAT 24328-KA81 KF-25 Vacuum Angle Valve

Particularly suited for vacuum applications with venting processes. The shaft feedthrough easily endures vibration generated by large volume venting.

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VAT Fabrication No. 24328-KA81 KF-25 Vacuum Angle Valve
VAT angle valve
Model Metal Act. Flange
26324-KA21 Al air KF-16
27665 Al air KF-16
24328-KA41 Al air KF-25
24328-KA81 Al air KF-25
26328-KA11 Al air KF-25
26328-KA41 Al air KF-25
26328-KE11 SS air KF-25
60365 Al air KF-25
60449 Al air KF-25
F22-001 Al hand KF-25
F22-002 Al hand KF-25
F22-9812 Al hand KF-25
F26-60307 Al air KF-25
F26-60449 Al air KF-25
F28-51639 SS air KF-25