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VAT 28332-GE41 2.75" CF

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Manufacturer Part Number: 28332-GE41
VAT 28332-GE41 2.75" CF
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VAT 28332-GE41 2.75-inch CF

VAT 28332-GE41 2.75" CF UHV Vacuum Angle Valve

Suited for most corrosive gases. Extremely low outgassing rate.

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VAT Fabrication No. 28332-GE41 2.75" CF UHV Vacuum Angle Valve
VAT angle valve
Model Metal Act. Flange
28332-GE21 SS air 23/4 CF
28332-GE41 SS air 23/4 CF
57 SS air 23/4 CF
62032-GE28 SS air 23/4 CF
F62-99562 SS air 23/4 CF
26140-GE21 SS air 6" CF
24140-QA41 Al air ISO-100