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VAT 65048-PAHP ISO-250

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Manufacturer Part Number: 65048-PAHP-0001/0028
VAT 65048-PAHP ISO-250
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VAT 65048-PAHP ISO-250

VAT 65048-PAHP DN ISO-250 Vacuum Pendulum Control Valve

Optimized for corrosive semiconductor and FPD processes (e. g. etching) and for cleaning processes between deposition processes. In control mode, the valve works virtually particle-free. Maintenance can be done easy and fast.

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Inside diameter (ID) in mm DN 250
Flange ISO-F (compatible with ISO 1609)
Body material Aluminum
Actuator UC-PFO, DeviceNet / 1 sensor
Power Failure Option (PFO) Yes
Sensor Power Supply (SPS) 0
Interface DeviceNet
Number of Sensor(s) 1
Pressure min. 1 x 10-8 mbar
Pressure max. 1.2 bar (abs)
Feedthrough Rotary feedthrough (actuator), Shaft feedthrough (sealing ring)
Sealing technology SEALRING-System
Sealhead description FKM (VITON®)
Sealing materials FKM (VITON®)
Molecular flow conductance ls-1 22,000
Min. controllable conductance 15
Max. differential pressure closed position in bar 1.2
Max. pressure on seat side during opening in bar     0.005
Compressed air pressure max. in bar 7
Compressed air pressure min. in bar 4
Closing or opening time in sec. 3 / 4
Valve body temperature max. in °C 120
Actuator temperature max. in °C 50
Weight in kg / lbs 29 / 63.93

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VAT Fabrication No. 65048-PAHP DN ISO-250 Vacuum Pendulum Control Valve