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Exceptional customer service and engineering support. Fast turnarounds. Low prices.

PTB Sales is the national leader in VAT vacuum valve repairs.

Our state of the art 27,853 sq ft remanufacturing facility conforms to ISO 9001 quality standards, and is supported by an engineering team with over 90 years combined experience in vacuum technology. Our valve technicians, led by a factory-trained mechanic, have over 100 years combined experience.

Look no further. Let PTB Sales support your success.

Consumable parts vary with model type. Pricing is determined by model configuration and hard parts damage.

VAT Vacuum Valves - Scope of Work

PTB Sales will perform the following:

  • External Inspection
    • Verify correct valve per order
    • Any missing external parts identified
    • Check for external damage and scratched flanges
    • Note any missing solenoids or other accessories
    • Preliminary operation check
  • Disassembly & Inspection
    • Complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of internal parts and valve body
    • Sealing surfaces checked for smoothness
    • Required new parts identified
  • Assembly
    • Sealing surfaces repaired as necessary
    • Valve assembled with new gate and bonnet seals and required new parts
  • Testing
    • Valve operated through several cycles and adjusted as required
    • Helium leak test to verify no leaks
  • Final Inspection
    • Valve appearance checked
    • Correct valve configuration per order confirmed
    • Package valve and ship

We stock and provide repair service for VAT angle valves. Here are some of the common models of this series:

Pneumatic Actuator: 26324-KA11, 26328-KA11, 26332-KA11, 26334-KA11, 26336-QA11, 26140-QA11, 26144-QA11, 26324-KE11, 26328-KE11, 26332-KE11, 26334-KE11, 26336-QE11, 26140-QE11, 26144-QE11, 26324-KA21, 26328-KA21, 26332-KA21, 26334-KA21, 26336-QA21, 26140-QA21, 26144-QA21, 26324-KE21, 26328-KE21, 26332-KE21, 26334-KE21, 26336-QE21, 26140-QE21, 26144-QE21, 26324-KA31, 26328-KA31, 26332-KA31, 26334-KA31, 26336-QA31, 26140-QA31, 26144-QA31, 26324-KE31, 26328-KE31, 26332-KE31, 26334-KE31, 26336-QE31, 26140-QE31, 26144-QE31, 26324-KA41, 26328-KA41, 26332-KA41, 26334-KA41, 26336-QA41, 26140-QA41, 26144-QA41, 26324-KE41, 26328-KE41, 26332-KE41, 26334-KE41, 26336-QE41, 26140-QE41, 26144-QE41, 26324-KA71, 26328-KA71, 26332-KA71, 26334-KA71, 26336-QA71, 26140-QA71, 26144-QA71, 26324-KE71, 26328-KE71, 26332-KE71, 26334-KE71, 26336-QE71, 26140-QE71, 26144-QE71, 26324-KA81, 26328-KA81, 26332-KA81, 26334-KA81, 26336-QA81, 26140-QA81, 26144-QA81, 26324-KE81, 26328-KE81, 26332-KE81, 26334-KE81, 26336-QE81, 26140-QE81, 26144-QE81

Manual Actuator: 26324-KA01, 26328-KA01, 26332-KA01, 26334-KA01, 26336-QA01, 26040-QA01, 26044-QA01, 26324-KE01, 26328-KE01, 26332-KE01, 26334-KE01, 26336-QE01, 26040-QE01, 26044-QE01

We stock and provide repair service for VAT gate valves. Here are some of the common models of this series:

(LM = position indicator, SV = solenoid)

Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/out SV): PE11, CE11, UE11, TE11, JE11, PE12, CE12, UE12, TE12, JE12, PE14, CE14, UE14, TE14, JE14

Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/out SV, bakeable): PE15, CE15, UE15, TE15, JE15

Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/out SV): PE21, CE21, UE21, TE21, JE21, PE22, CE22, UE22, TE22, JE22, PE24, CE24, UE24, TE24, JE24, PE28, CE28, UE28, TE28, JE28

Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/out SV, bakeable): PE25, CE25, UE25, TE25, JE25, PE27, CE27, UE27, TE27, JE27

Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/ SV): PE31, CE31, UE31, TE31, JE31, PE32, CE32, UE32, TE32, JE32, PE34, CE34, UE34, TE34, JE34

Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/ SV): PE41, CE41, UE41, TE41, JE41, PE42, CE42, UE42, TE42, JE42, PE43, CE43, UE43, TE43, JE43, PE44, CE44, UE44, TE44, JE44, PE48, CE48, UE48, TE48, JE48

Pneumatic Actuator: 14036-PE44, 14040-PE44, 14044-PE44, 14046-PE44, 14048-PE44, 14050-PE44, 14052-PE44, 14036-CE44, 14040-CE44, 14044-CE44, 14046-CE44, 14048-CE44, 14036-UE44, 14040-UE44, 14044-UE44, 14046-UE44, 14048-UE44, 14036-TE44, 14040-TE44, 14044-TE44, 14046-TE44, 14048-TE44, 14050-TE44, 14052-AE44, 14036-JE44, 14040-JE44, 14044-JE44, 14046-JE44, 14048-JE44, 14050-JE44, 14052-JE44, 14036-PE24, 14040-PE24, 14044-PE24, 14046-PE24, 14048-PE24, 14050-PE24, 14052-PE24, 14036-CE24, 14040-CE24, 14044-CE24, 14046-CE24, 14048-CE24, 14036-UE24, 14040-UE24, 14044-UE24, 14046-UE24, 14048-UE24, 14036-TE24, 14040-TE24, 14044-TE24, 14046-TE24, 14048-TE24, 14050-TE24, 14052-AE24, 14036-JE24, 14040-JE24, 14044-JE24, 14046-JE24, 14048-JE24, 14050-JE24, 14052-JE24, 14036-PE14, 14040-PE14, 14044-PE14, 14046-PE14, 14048-PE14, 14050-PE14, 14052-PE14, 14036-CE14, 14040-CE14, 14044-CE14, 14046-CE14, 14048-CE14, 14036-UE14, 14040-UE14, 14044-UE14, 14046-UE14, 14048-UE14, 14036-TE14, 14040-TE14, 14044-TE14, 14046-TE14, 14048-TE14, 14050-TE14, 14052-AE14, 14036-JE14, 14040-JE14, 14044-JE14, 14046-JE14, 14048-JE14, 14050-JE14, 14052-JE14

Manual Actuator: 14036-PE06, 14040-PE06, 14044-PE06, 14046-PE06, 14048-PE06, 14050-PE06, 14052-PE01, 14036-CE06, 14040-CE06, 14044-CE06, 14046-CE06, 14048-CE06, 14036-UE06, 14040-UE06, 14044-UE06, 14046-UE06, 14048-UE06, 14036-TE06, 14040-TE06, 14044-TE06, 14046-TE06, 14048-TE06, 14050-TE06, 14052-AE01, 14036-JE06, 14040-JE06, 14044-JE06, 14046-JE06, 14048-JE06, 14050-JE06, 14052-JE01, 14036-PE08, 14040-PE08, 14044-PE08, 14046-PE08, 14048-PE08, 14050-PE08, 14052-PE08, 14036-CE08, 14040-CE08, 14044-CE08, 14046-CE08, 14048-CE08, 14036-UE08, 14040-UE08, 14044-UE08, 14046-UE08, 14048-UE08, 14036-TE08, 14040-TE08, 14044-TE08, 14046-TE08, 14048-TE08, 14050-TE08, 14052-AE08, 14036-JE08, 14040-JE08, 14044-JE08, 14046-JE08, 14048-JE08, 14050-JE08, 14052-JE08

AC Motor: 14036-PE53, 14040-PE53, 14044-PE53, 14046-PE53, 14048-PE53, 14050-PE53, 14052-PE53, 14036-CE53, 14040-CE53, 14044-CE53, 14046-CE53, 14048-CE53, 14036-UE53, 14040-UE53, 14044-UE53, 14046-UE53, 14048-UE53, 14036-TE53, 14040-TE53, 14044-TE53, 14046-TE53, 14048-TE53, 14050-TE53, 14052-AE53, 14036-JE53, 14040-JE53, 14044-JE53, 14046-JE53, 14048-JE53, 14050-JE53, 14052-JE53

We stock and provide repair service for VAT pendulum control valves. Here are some of the common models of this series:

Pneumatic Actuator: 16236-PA21, 16236-JA21, 16236-TA21, 16240-PA21, 16240-JA21, 16240-TA21, 16244-PA21, 16244-JA21, 16244-TA21, 16246-PA21, 16246-JA21, 16246-TA21, 16248-PA21, 16248-JA21, 16248-TA21, 16250-PA21, 16250-JA21, 16250-TA21, 16251-JA21, 16251-TA21, 16252-PA21, 16252-JA21, 16252-TA21, 16852-PA24, 16852-JA24, 16854-PA24, 16854-JA24, 16854-AA24  

3-Position Pneumatic Actuator: 16236-PA28, 16236-JA28, 16236-TA28, 16240-PA28, 16240-JA28, 16240-TA28, 16244-PA28, 16244-JA28, 16244-TA28, 16246-PA28, 16246-JA28, 16246-TA28, 16248-PA28, 16248-JA28, 16248-TA28, 16250-PA28, 16250-JA28, 16250-TA28, 16251-JA28, 16251-TA28, 16252-PA28, 16252-JA28, 16252-TA28, 16852-PA28, 16852-JA28, 16854-PA28, 16854-JA28, 16854-AA28

We stock and provide repair service for VAT throttle control valves. Here are some of the common models of this series:

3-Position Pneumatic Actuator: 64040-PE48, 64044-PE48, 64046-PE48, 64048-PE48, 64050-PE48, 64052-PE48, 64040-CE48, 64044-CE48, 64046-CE48, 64048-CE48, 64040-UE48, 64044-UE48, 64046-UE48, 64048-UE48, 64040-TE48, 64044-TE48, 64046-TE48, 64048-TE48, 64050-TE48, 64052-AE48, 64040-JE48, 64044-JE48, 64046-JE48, 64048-JE48, 64050-JE48, 64051-JE48, 64052-JE48

Stepper Motor: 64040-PE52, 64244-PE52, 64246-PE52, 64248-PE52, 64250-PE52, 64252-PE52, 64040-CE52, 64244-CE52, 64246-CE52, 64248-CE52, 64040-UE52, 64244-UE52, 64246-UE52, 64248-UE52, 64040-TE52, 64244-TE52, 64246-TE52, 64248-TE52, 64250-TE52, 64252-AE52, 64040-JE52, 64244-JE52, 64246-JE52, 64248-JE52, 64250-JE52, 64251-JE52, 64252-JE52

We stock and provide repair service for VAT wafer transfer valves. Here are some of the common models of this series:

Pneumatic Actuator: 02209-BA24, 02209-BE24, 02209-AA24, 02209-AE24, 02210-BA24, 02210-BE24, 02210-AA24, 02210-AE24, 02212-BA24, 02212-BE24, 02212-AA24, 02212-AE24, 02213-BA24, 02213-BE24, 02213-AA24, 02213-AE24, 03209-CA24, 03209-CE24, 03210-CA24, 03210-CE24, 03212-CA24, 03212-CE24, 03213-CA24, 03213-CE24, 04110-BA24, 04112-BA24, 05110-LA24, 05112-LA24, 07510-UA24, 07510-VA24, 07512-UA24, 07512-VA24, 07510-UE24, 07510-VE24, 07512-UE24, 07512-VE24

Request an RMA  Return Material Authorization

Need an exchange?  We recognize that some replacements are more critical than others or that it is not convenient to remove a pump without the replacement immediately at hand. On our form, check the box to request an exchange and we will follow up with current availability.

Procedures for shipping used equipment to PTB Sales:

  • Seal openings.
  • Attach our valve declaration form to the equipment to declare what contaminates the equipment has been exposed to.

There is a $300 Evaluation Fee. This gets applied to the cost of repair.