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PTB Sales is a Authorized Full Line Reseller of Welch vacuum pumps. These pumps are optimal for use in laboratory and life sciences applications. We have been rebuilding Welch vacuum pumps for over 15 years. This experience combined with our partnership with Welch PTB can work with your applications needs to deliver the right vacuum equipment to its laboratory, life sciences and analytical instrumentation clients.

We offer the sales of the following new pumps:

  • Welch DuoSeal Belt Drive**
  • Welch Direct Drive*
  • Welch & Ilmvac Standard Duty Dry
  • Welch* & Ilmvac Chemical Duty Dry
  • Welch Variflow 24V DC Dry
  • Ilmvac OEM 24V & 115V Low-Flow Dry
  • ChemStar® Dry Vacuum Systems

(*All models CSA **CSA models available)

In addition we can also offer Welch accessories such as:

  • Welch exhaust filters
  • Welch vacuum pump oil (DuoSeal, Premium, Gold)
  • Welch fittings, adapters, hose clamps, etc.

Contact PTB today for assistance in selecting the correct rotary vane pump for your application.

Rotary Vane Applications Matrix