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90 day warranty repair service and testing on most Advanced Energy AE Apex 13.56 MHz RF plasma power supplies.

Apex 1.5kW

  • A3L5L000BA140D111A, A3B2A000BA150A111A, A3L2A000BA140L011A, A3B2A000BA150D001D, A3B2B000BA140A011A, A3B2A000BA140L011A
  • A7L2A000BA140L011A, A7L2A000BA140L011A, A7L2A000BA140L011A   
  • A8L2A000BA140L011A, A8L2A000BA140L011A    

Apex 3kW

  • A3D2A000BA140A001A, A3D2A030BA140A020A, A3D2B000GA130A111A, A3D2Q000KA130A002D, A3D2B000GA140A011A, A3D2M000NA140A011A, A3D2B030BA140A001A, A3D2A000BA140A011A, A3D2A000BA140A111A, A3D2L000BA120R131A 
  • A3D5G000HK001U001A, A3D5L000BA140A121A
  • A3P4A000BA140A011A

Apex 5.5kW 

  • A3F2L000BA110R011A, A3F2A000DA130A102D, A3F2A030BA170A004A, A3F2B000GA130A111A, A3F2B050BA130A011A
  • A3F4A000BA110A011A, A3F4L030BA110A020A, A3F4B070PA110A010A, A3F4B060GA110A011A, A3F4A070GA110A010A, A3F4A060AA110A000A, A3F4A060GA110A000A, A3F4B070BA110A010A 
  • A3F5L000BA120R131A 
  • A3J2Q000KA130A002D

Apex 7kW/13

Apex 10kW/13

Atlas 2012

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