Agilent TPS-mobile - NEW

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Height 42 mm
Width 36 mm
Length 36 mm
Weight 200 lbs

Agilent TPS-mobile Turbo Pumping System - NEW

The TPS-mobile is a customizable, high-capacity pumping system on the smallest footprint roll-around cart. Choose from more than 400 possible configurations consisting of small- and medium-sized TwisTorr turbomolecular pumps with pumping speeds from 70–700 L/s and backed by either an IDP or TriScroll dry scroll pump with 3–30 m3/hr pumping speed or DS rotary vane pumps with 6–30 m3/hr pumping speed.

The TPS-mobile is an optimum solution when pumping out larger systems and needing to maintain maximum mobility. Add the right gauge selection to monitor system pressure.

  • Mobility: Roll-around cart helps you move your vacuum station right where you need it
  • Flexibility: Easily detachable turbo pump can be quickly mounted in any orientation on the vacuum chamber
  • Customization: Build your ideal system, choosing from 400+ configurations based on your specific requirements
  • Onboard gauge reading function to display system pressure
  • Ready for Vacuum Link app to give full pump control through your mobile phone
  • Serviceability: Easy and fast field replacement of single components provided with Agilent Advanced Exchange Service
  • Analog I/O provides accurate control of the system and pressure-driven setpoints
  • Wide Range of turbo pump options between 70 to 700 L/s and dry or wet backing pumps from 3 to 30 m3/h
  • Serial RS232 communication protocol with A-plus software enables pump operation, control, and recording of system parameters (i.e., pressure)

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Agilent TPS-mobile Turbo Pumping System - NEW