Edwards GXS250 - REBUILT

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Edwards GXS250 Industrial Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

With more than 90 years vacuum experience and over 150,000 dry pumps installed world wide, Edwards leads the way in every vacuum application including those handling harsh dust and process contaminants. Edwards GXS range incorporates our unique screw technology with a world leading high efficiency drive to achieve excellent vacuum performance and low running costs. With advanced temperature control, low maintenance and long service intervals, the GXS is the most robust and economical vacuum pump that establishes a new standard in dry pumping.

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Units GXS250 GXS250/2600
Peak pumping speed m3h-1 (cfm) 250 (147) 1,900 (1,118)
Ultimate pressure (without purge) mbar (Torr) 4 x 10-3 (3.0 x 10-3) 5 x 10-4 (3.8 x 10-4)
Full load power @ ultimate pressure kW (hp) 4.0 (5.4) 5.3 (7.1)
@ peak pumping load kW (hp) 9.0 (12.1) 9.7 (13.0)
Electrical Supply options High volt 380-460V 3-phase 50/60Hz
Low volt 200-230V 3-phase 50/60Hz
Connection High volt Harting Han K 4/4-F
Low volt
Vacuum couplings Inlet   ISO63 ISO100
Exhaust   NW40
Cooling water Supply pressure (max) bar (psig) 6.9 (100)
DP across pump (min) bar (psig) 1.0 (14.7)
Flow @ min DP lmin-1 (gal/min) 4.0 (1.1) 7.0 (1.9)
Temperature °C (°F) 5-40 (41-104) All variants
Connection   3/8" BSP Male (G 3/8")
Purge gas* Pressure bar (psig) 2.5-6.9 (36-100)
Light duty sl/min 12
Medium duty sl/min 18-52
Connection   Swagelok® Ø ¼” tube with olive
High flow purge/ solvent flush Supply pressure bar (psig) 2.5-6.9 (36-100)
Control valve connection   Swagelok® Ø 3/8" tube with olive
Filter connection   ½" NPT Male
Solvent connection   3/8" BSP Male (G 3/8")
Mass kg (lbs) 305 (672) 515 (1,035)
Noise (with suitable exhaust pipe) dB(A) < 64
Operating temperature °C (°F) 5-40 (41-104)
Exhaust back pressure (MAX) mbar (psia) 1,400 (20)
System IP rating Standard 31
Lubrication Type   PFPE Drynert® 25/6
Volume l (gal) 0.7 (0.2) 1.4 (0.4)
Monitoring &
Standard Control Front panel "Dashboard" Serial - RS232
Monitoring Ethernet Webserver
Option Control Parallel - MCM MicroTIM
Control & monitoring Profibus DP Pump Display Terminal (PDT)
Monitoring FabWorks®
*Pump combinations Light duty Shaft Seal Purge only
Medium duty Shaft Seal Purge, High Vac Purge, Inlet Purge, variable Gas Ballast & Exhaust Purge (with Exhaust Pressure Sensor)
Medium duty + As Medium duty, plus High Flow Purge / Solvent Flush


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Edwards GXS250 Industrial Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

GS710002  200-230V, light duty, side exhaust
GS710005  380-460V, light duty, side exhaust
GS710302  200-230V, medium duty, side exhaust
GS710305  380-460V, medium duty, side exhaust
GS710402  200-230V, medium duty + purge, side exhaust
GS710405  380-460V, medium duty + purge, side exhaust
GS715002  200-230V, light duty, rear exhaust
GS715005  380-460V, light duty, rear exhaust
GS715302  200-230V, medium duty, rear exhaust
GS715305  380-460V, medium duty, rear exhaust
GS715402  200-230V, medium duty + purge, rear exhaust
GS715405  380-460V, medium duty + purge, rear exhaust