Edwards IDX1000 - NEW

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Weight 3594 lbs
Motor Power 40 hp
Pumping Speed 589 cfm
Ultimate Pressure 3.75x 10-2 torr

Edwards IDX1000 Industrial Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - NEW

The Edwards IDX dry pumps use the latest screw technology to provide a clean, effluent free vacuum. These pumps offer the ability to handle large volumes of dust and water vapor without any loss of performance while minimizing maintenance requirements and running costs. The IDX dry pumps are capable of continually operating from atmosphere to ultimate.

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Mass IDX1000
50 Hz 1,560 kg (3,439 lbs)
60 Hz 1,630 kg (3,594 lbs)
Pumping speed
Nominal 1,000 m3h-1 (589 cfm)
Actual 900 m3h-1 (560 cfm)
Ultimate pressure 5 x 10-2 mbar (3.75 x 10-2 Torr)
Noise 82 dBA
Motor 30 kW / 40 hp
Optional 22 kW / 30 hp

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Edwards IDX1000 / IDX1300 - NEW Instruction Manual Download

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Edwards IDX1000 Industrial Dry Screw Vacuum Pump - NEW

A70803985 / A708-03-985  IDX1000  22kW 50Hz safe area
A70804985 / A708-04-985  IDX1000  30kW 50Hz safe area extended performance
A70813985 / A708-13-985  IDX1000  30hp 60Hz safe area
A70814985 / A708-14-985  IDX1000  40hp 60Hz safe area extended performance