Edwards nEXT300D B82321103 - REBUILT

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Weight 60 lbs
Pumping Speed 300 l/s
Ultimate Pressure < 5 x 10-10 mbar

Edwards nEXT300D Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

The nEXT300D is a hybrid bearing compound turbo pump available with either an ISO100 or a CF100 inlet flange and has a N2 pumping speed of 300 l/s. nEXT pumps combine our proven bearing technology (oil lubricated ceramic lower bearing with dry permanent magnetic upper bearing), an improved rotor design with a new molecular drag stage to deliver improved pumping speed and compression ratios, and true user serviceability. They feature 24V to 48Vd.c. sensor less motors with a built in drive that is fully compatible our range of TAG and TIC controllers. They are available pre-set for 80W or 160W maximum power, the former enabling use with our 100W TIC controllers are also recommended for pumping Argon, but with a longer ramp time to full operating speed. A basic pump system would require a nEXT300D pump, a TAG or TIC controller, either an air or water cooling accessory or a suitable backing pump.

  • Value for money - exceptional pumping speeds and compression ratios
  • No unplanned downtime - field proven reliability in the most demanding environments
  • Easy integration - standard fit in many scientific instruments
  • Reliability for peace of mind - over 200,000 turbomolecular pumps installed
  • Low cost of ownership - end user serviceable

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