How to Navigate NEW Site

Welcome to the NEW and improved PTB Sales website and online store! The online store is split into three sections depending on what you require:


All products in this section of the online store have been rebuilt by PTB’s team of mechanics.

All products in this section represent full repair service of the model listed in the product page title. For example, if you want to order full repair service for an Edwards E2M28, place the product “Edwards E2M28 - SERVICE” into your cart and proceed to checkout.

All products in this section of the online store are factory new and backed by manufacturer warranty.


Browsing the Store

Filter Navigation

TO NAVIGATE - Filter by Category, Manufacturer and Series.

Filtering out categories

Once you have chosen what category of product you need (i.e High Vacuum --> Turbo) use the filter on the top left of the store page to filter by manufacturer. Once the manufacturer is chosen, the filter will then let you choose which series of products you are interested in (i.e High Vacuum --> Turbo --->Leybold ---> TURBOVAC). As time goes on, PTB will create more comprehensive filtering options that will bring up the best pump options for your application.


You will know what category of equipment you are in by viewing the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.



Please type your model number or part number into the search box, not both.

We use a strict method so less words returns more results.


Request for Quote

Send us a direct inquiry via our Request for Quote form and a representative will get in touch with you with pricing and availability for your requested product.


Digital Manuals & Documentation

We want every product shipped to be operated in a safe manner for the user. Installation and maintenance instructions are included in user manuals that have been printed and digitized over the years. If you don't have access to a manual for older products PTB has a vast library of of older manuals for lines of vacuum equipment that is no longer supported by manufacturers.

On product pages in the NEW section of the online store, the link in the digital manual tab will direct you to the original equipment manufacturer's website manual with the most up to date revisions.

On product pages in the REBUILT section of the online store, the link in the digital manual tab will direct you to a manual in our library if we could not find one on the OEM's site.