Leybold TURBOLAB 80 - NEW

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Leybold TURBOLAB 80 Compact Vacuum Pump System - NEW

The Leybold TURBOLAB 80 is an oil free compact, fully assembled and ready-to-operate high vacuum system. We also offer repair service and are capable of rebuilding, balancing and testing turbo pumps. Contact us for custom turbo stations.

TURBOLAB 80 pump systems consist of the following principal components:

  • Wide range turbomolecular pump TURBOVAC SL 80 H featuring:
  • Integrated frequency converter
  • Integrated air cooling
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Grease lubrication
  • Pumping speed for N2: 65 l/s-1
  • High vacuum connection: DN 63 ISO-K
  • Integrated splinter guard
  • Frequency converter TURBO.DRIVE TD 400 with RS 232 Interface.
  • Dual-stage, absolutely oil-free DIVAC 0.8 T diaphragm vacuum pump used as the backing pump with the following specifications:
  • Pumping speed: 0.7 m3 x h-1
  • Ultimate pressure: 3 mbar
  • All required connection and sealing components are located within the pump system assembly. The TURBOLAB 80 is prepared for installation of further components:
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Venting valve
  • Automatic operation of the TURBOLAB 80 full featured version requires a high vacuum gauge ITR 90 (with or without display), for example and sensor cable. The pressure is read out through the display of the pump system.

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TURBOLAB 80 / Cart 350 / Cart 450 / Cart
High vacuum connection DN 63 ISO-K or 63 CF DN 100 ISO-K or 100 CF DN 160 ISO-K or 160 CF
Forevacuum connection DN 16 KF  DN 25 KF 
Pumping speed for N2 65 l/s 290 l/s 430 l/s
Ultimate pressure ISO/CF 10-7 / 10-7 mbar < 10-8 / < 10-10 mbar
Mains supply 110 / 230 V ±10 %
Power consumption, max. 350 VA 240 VA
Weight 14.5 kg (31.9 lbs) 22 kg (48.5 lbs)
Accessories 6
Gauges 2
System condition monitoring (CBM) Internal condition monitoring
Software Access via the IP address of the TURBOLAB (no software installation required)
Webserver Multi-platform browser (InternetExplorer, Safari, Chrome, Fire Fox) for system configuration, control, operation, monitoring
DataViewer Analysing and assessing of the recorded system data. Display as graph and in a table (PC Windows)
CMS Widget Control window for permanent system condition monitoring (PC Windows)
Type Label Description Download
Leybold TURBOLAB Operating Manual Download

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Leybold TURBOLAB 80 Compact Vacuum Pump System - NEW

501592V03000000  DN 63 CF  DIVAC 0.8 T
501592V03001000  DN 63 CF  DIVAC 3.0 T
501592V02000000  DN 63 ISO-K  DIVAC 0.8 T
501592V02001000  DN 63 ISO-K  DIVAC 3.0 T

501592V02020000  DN 100 ISO-K  SCROLLVAC SC 5 D
501592V02040000  DN 100 ISO-K  SCROLLVAC SC 15 D
501592V02060000  DN 100 ISO-K  SCROLLVAC SC 30 D
501592V02120000  DN 100 ISO-K  TRIVAC D 4 B
501592V02130000  DN 100 ISO-K  TRIVAC D 8 B
501592V02100000  DN 100 ISO-K  SOGEVAC SV 16 D

230439V01  LEYASSIST Software for turbomolecular pumps

All order numbers refer to wide range motors 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Ordering information on 110 V, 50/60 Hz voltage models, CF versions, and the full range of accessories are available on request or can be taken from the Leybold main catalogue.