Leybold TURBOVAC TW 220/150/15 - REBUILT

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Weight 30.00 lbs
Pumping Speed 320 l/s-1
Ultimate Pressure < 1 x 10-7 mbar

Leybold Vacuum TURBOVAC TW 220/150/15 Turbomolecular Pump - REBUILT

The TURBOVAC models 50 to 1000 are turbomolecular pumps featuring grease-lubricated bearings. These units are engineered to pump vacuum chambers down to pressures in the high-vacuum range. A TURBOTRONIK frequency converter and a forevacuum pump are required for the operation of the TURBOVAC.

These units are not suitable for operation without a fore-vacuum pump.

We offer repair service and are capable of rebuilding, balancing and testing this pump. View our inventory of Leybold Vacuum turbo pumps.

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Max. pumping speed for N2
    HV port 320 l/s
    Interstage port I 250 - 300 l/s
    Interstage port II 15 l/s
Operating pressure
    HV port 10-5 - 10-7 mbar
    Interstage port I 10-2 - 10-4 mbar
    Interstage port II 10-1 mbar
Max. permissible forevacuum pressure     8 mbar
Recommended frequency converter TURBO.DRIVE 400
Operating speed 45,000 rpm
Run up time 8 min
Forevacuum connection DN 16 KF
Weight 12 kg
Ambient temperature  
    During operation +15 - +40°C
    Storage -15 - +70°C
Max. relative air humidity

Type Label Description Download
Oerlikon Leybold TURBOVAC TW 220-400 - REBUILT Operating Instructions Download

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Leybold Vacuum TURBOVAC TW 220/150/15 Turbomolecular Pump - REBUILT


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